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Megger MFT1711 Multifunction Tester
  • Megger MFT1711 Multifunction Tester
  • Megger MFT1711 Multifunction Tester
  • Megger MFT1711 Multifunction Tester

Megger MFT1711 Multifunction Tester

Megger approved distributor and service centre.

Includes: MFT 1711, full user guide on CD, Calibration certificate, Neck strap - Megger embroidered, 3 Wire lead set with prods and clips, Mains plug test lead, batteries and calibration cert.

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As well as providing all of the features needed for the safe, convenient and efficient testing of low voltage electrical installations, the Megger MFT1711 multifunction tester offers valuable extra features that were previously only available on more expensive instruments. These include a maximum Zs function, which makes it unnecessary to remember individual Zs readings when testing an installation, automatic RCD testing and true RMS voltage measurement.

The MFT1711 can test RCDs with sensitivities from 10 mA to 500 mA, including programmable types. Like all instruments in the range, it provides three options for loop testing – two-wire no trip, three-wire no trip and high current – which means that the fastest and most convenient method can be used in every situation. It also features fast-response continuity testing.

The unique modern styling allows it to be operated while stood on the floor, a ladder-shelf or platform, hung around the neck or handheld. Dual TEST and LOCK buttons - one pair at each end - makes the testers easy to operate left or right handed.


Single phase installation tester.
2 and 3-wire non-trip loop impedance testing.
Fast 2-wire high current loop test for unprotected circuits.
Zmax facility.
Full range of RCD tests from 10 mA to 500 mA.
Auto RCD and ramp test.
Variable as well as selective RCD testing.
Insulation testing at 1 kV, 500 V and 250 V.
Continuity and low Ωs at 200 mA.
True RMS voltage measurement.

Megger MFT1711 Specifications
Insulation Tests
Output Voltage -0 to +20% at rated load or less.
Voltage Display ±3% ±3 digits ±0.5% of rated voltage.
Short Circuit Current 1.5 mA nominal test current.
Test Current on Load 1 mA at min pass values of insulation.
Insulation Accuracy
1000 V 10 kΩ to 999 MΩ (±3% ± 2 digits).
500 V 10 kΩ to 500 MΩ (±3% ± 2 digits).
>500 MΩ (±10% ± 4 digits).
250 V 10 kΩ to 250 Ω (±3% ± 2 digits).
>250 MΩ (±10% ± 4 digits).
100 V 10 kΩ to 100 MΩ (±3% ± 2 digits).
>100 MΩ (±10% ± 4 digits).
Resistance and Continuity
Range and Accuracy 0.01 to 99.9 Ω (±2% ± 2 digits).
100 to 99.9 kΩ (±5% ± 2 digits).
Open Circuit Voltage 5 V ± 1 V.
Test Current (0 to 2 Ω) 205 mA ±5 mA.
15 mA ±5 mA (user selectable).
Loop Test
Live to Earth/Neutral Supply 48 to 280 V (45 to 65 Hz).
L-N/L-L Tests ±5% ±5 digits.
L-E Tests 0.1 to 39.9 Ω (±5% ±5 digits ± noise margin).
40 Ω to 1000 Ω (±10% ± 5 digits).
Display Range 0.01 to 1000 Ω.
Live to Earth PFC Range 20 kA.
Live to Live PSCC Range 20 kA.
RCD Tests
Supply up to 100 mA 48 to 480 V (45 to 65 Hz).
Supply up to 1 A 48V to 280 V.
RCD Type Type AC, A and S.
Type B (Pure DC).
No-Trip Test (1/2xI) -10 to -0%.
Trip Test (1xI, 2xI and 5xI) +0 to +10%.
Ramp Test Touch Voltage (0 to 253 V) ±5% +15% ±0.5 V.
Trip Time ±1% ±1 ms.
Trip Current ±5%.
Step Increments
VAR (Variable RCD Selection)
10mA to 50mA 1 mA steps.
50mA to 500mA 5 mA steps.
500mA to 1000mA 10 mA steps.
Supply Measurement
Voltage 10 V to 600 V (15 to 400 Hz) True RMS.
Voltage Accuracy ±3% ±1 V ±2 digits.
Phase Rotation Indication L1-L2-L3 and L1-L3-L2.
Frequency 15 Hz to 99 Hz (±0.5% ±1 digit).
Frequency Resolution 0.1 Hz.
Power Supply
Batteries IEC LR6 type AA alkaline batteries.
Current (Via Optional Clamp Meter)
Range 0.1 mA to 200 A AC (5.0% ± 3 digits).
Resolution 0.1 mA.
Conformity EC 61010-1: 2010
IEC 61010-30: 2010
IEC 61010-031: 2008
600V CAT III / CAT IV 300V (Max phase to phase 600V)
IEC 61557: 2007 parts 1 to 10.
EMC IEC61326 edition 2 location class B.
Operating Temperature Range and Humidity -10 to +55°C (90% RH at +40°C max).
Storage Temperature Range and Humidity -25 to +70°C.
Maximum Altitude 2000m.
Weight (Instrument and Case) 1 kg (with batteries).
Dimensions (Instrument and Case) 150 x 85 x 235 mm (H x W x D).
IP Rating IP54.
Calibration Temperature +20°C.
Temperature Coefficient <0.1% per °C.
Megger MFT1711 warranty 1 year extendable to 3 years.


Megger MFT1701 Series

PDF Specifications of the Megger MFT1711, MFT1721, MFT1731 Installation Testers.

Download (193.32k)
Software PowerSuite Lite. 1000-631
Lead set
Fused 10 A test lead set (red/blue/green) with
prods and clips.
ETL30 Extension Test Lead 30 m. 1000-215
ETL50 Extension Test Lead 50 m. 1000-217
SP5 Switched Probe (silicone). 1001-687
ICLAMP Current measuring clamp. 1001-012
VCLAMP Voltage inducing clamp, calibration check pcb
(for stakeless test) and lead.
Pouch Test and carry pouch. 1006-408
Soft pouch Large soft pouch with extra storage. 1007-463
Strap Neck strap - Megger embroidered. 2001-509

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