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Test Meters and Measuring Instruments for Air, Distance, Light, Sound, Moisture & Distance.

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  • Environmental Testers
    A range of test meters for measuring environmental parameters. Includes air quality testers, anemometers, hygrometers, light meters, moisture meters, sound meters and more.
  • Heating / Emissions
    An extensive range of quality test and measurement equipment for the heating sector. If you require measurements for parameters such as: Flue gas, Temperature, CO, CO2, etc... Then we can supply a range of instruments perfectly suited to your application.
  • Facilities Maintenance
    Indoor air quality (CO, CO2, pressure, humidity, temperature), light and sound – all three components influence subjective well-being in humans. This means that their monitoring using reliable gas detectors and sound level measuring instruments is extremely important.
  • Food & Catering
    A range of instruments to measure essential parameters including: temperature, pH, humidity and cooking oil quality.
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