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Above 10A Micro-Ohmmeters

For testing circuit breaker contact resistance in compliance with IEC62271-100, specialist low resistance testers are used with high output current. For this and other applications that require a higher test curent, we offer an extensive range of testers that will fit your testing regime.

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Megger DLRO100HB Portable Micro-Ohmmeter

Price £4,740.00

Megger DLRO200 Micro-Ohmmeter

Price £4,854.00

T&R DMO200 Digital Micro-Ohmmeter

Price £4,692.00

T&R DMO600 Pelicase Version

Price £5,506.00

Megger MOM2 200A Microhmmeter with Kelvin Clamps

Price £4,840.00

Megger MOM2 with 5m Kelvin Clamps

Price £5,080.00

Megger MOM2 200A Microhmmeter with Kelvin Probes

Price £5,105.00

Megger MJOLNER 200 Micro-Ohmmeter

Price £7,140.00

Megger DLRO600 600A Micro-Ohmmeter

Price £5,285.00

Megger NIM1000 Loop Impedance Meter

Price £5,755.00

Megger MJOLNER 600 Micro-Ohmmeter

Price £8,320.00

Megger MOM600A Micro-ohmmeter

Price £6,095.00

Megger MOM690

Price £7,340.00

Megger DLRO100EB Portable Micro-Ohmmeter

Price £4,200.00

Megger DLRO100XB Portable Micro-Ohmmeter

Price £4,415.00