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Portable Appliance Testing is the visual examination and electrical testing of portable electrical equipment used in industrial, commercial or public access areas and locations (including rented property) to ensure they are safe to use, and cannot present an electrical hazard to the operator or anyone in their vicinity.

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  • Fluke PAT Testers
    A Fluke PAT tester is Used for portable appliance testing, verifying that the electrical safety and operation of these appliances are in accordance with relevant guidelines and regulations. With powerful auto test capabilities and simplified controls – including ‘one touch’ test routines – our testers increase the number of tests you can perform per day without compromising results.
  • Megger PAT Testers

    Megger's range of portable electrical appliance tester comes with the most important accessories - proven performance, a record of excellence, and promise of safety and satisfaction.

  • Seaward PAT Testers

    Seaward are the leading manufacturer of PAT testing equipment. These testers reduce the risk of electrical shock by detecting potential safety problems with electrical appliances before they occur.

  • Martindale PAT Testers
    Martindale Electric manufactures a wide range of test equipment for use by electrical contractors and maintenance staff.
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