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An extensive range of quality test and measurement equipment for the heating sector. If you require measurements for parameters such as: Flue gas, Temperature, CO, CO2, etc... Then we can supply a range of instruments perfectly suited to your application.
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  • Flue Gas Analysers
    We can supply flue gas analysers ideal for smaller companies working on domestic boiler gas analysis through to gas analysers and emissions monitors for large industrial applications.
  • Leak Detection
    Our range of emissions detectors are simple to use, accurate, robust and affordable, ensuring the user is fully equipped for all manner of gas detection.
  • Temperature
    Cuthbertson Laird Group can supply a number of professional temperature measuring instruments to fulfil the individual requirements of your temperature measurement.
  • Airflow / Anemometers
    A range of anemometers for Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineers to optimize the building climate. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, with designs including rotating vane and hotwire anemometers
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