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Cuthbertson Laird Group Ireland can help provide the temperature calibration equipment you need to resolve your challenges in the lab or on the shop floor.
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  • Handheld Temp Calibrators
    Suitable for calibrating temperature transmitters, panel meters, and other devices that connect to temperature sensors.
  • Field Temperature Sources
    Fast lightweight and portable with precision temperature control, dry-wells are suitable for calibrations of thermocouples, RTDs, PRTs and other temperature sensors.
  • IR Temperature Sources
    Bench and field precision infrared calibrators for accurate and reliable calibrations of IR thermometers.
  • Thermometer Standards
    Thermometer standards deliver exceptional accuracy, wide measurement range, and designed to go where you work.
  • Ambient Conditions Monitor
    The locally prevailing air temperature, the moisture content in the air (% relative humidity), and the temperature at which moisture will condense on surfaces (dew point) are commonly called the ambient conditions. Because of concerns for these problems, specifications require the monitoring of ambient conditions using specialised instruments and test methods before the start of work and periodically during the work.
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