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We offer a full range of electrical test tools for every application. Additionally, we can supply a wide selection of probes, accessories, application, and product expertise for issues you face every day.

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  • 17th Edition Testing

    We offer a comprehensive range of insulation and continuity testers, RCD testers, loop testers, earth testers, multifunction installation testers and accessories at highly competitive prices.

  • PAT Testing

    Portable Appliance Testing is the visual examination and electrical testing of portable electrical equipment used in industrial, commercial or public access areas and locations (including rented property) to ensure they are safe to use, and cannot present an electrical hazard to the operator or anyone in their vicinity.

  • Electrical Testers

    Cuthbertson Laird Group Ireland stock a full range of electrical test tools for every application. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of probes and accessories.

  • Multimeters

    Choose from handheld digital multimeter troubleshooters to ultra smart instruments packed with features, as well as high-precision bench units.

  • Clampmeters

    We have quality clamp meters from Fluke, Megger, Kewtech and Mrtindale that measure both high and low AC and DC currents as well as earth leakage and earth resistance clamp meters.

  • Earth Testers

    Our range of earth testers provides both stakeless testing and attached rod technique capabilities for testing a range of grounding systems including residential, lightning protection and communication.

  • Fluke Connect
    Fluke Connect works with over 20 different Fluke test tools and allows you to identify and diagnose problems quickly and confidently, while securely sharing your data when you want, with who you want.
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