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Seaward Apollo 600 Plus PAT Tester
  • Seaward Apollo 600 Plus PAT Tester
  • Seaward Apollo 600 Plus PAT Tester
  • Seaward Apollo 600 Plus PAT Tester
  • Seaward Apollo 600 Plus PAT Tester

Seaward Apollo 600 Plus PAT Tester

Seaward approved distributor and service centre.

Includes: Apollo600+, Apollo+ Check Box, Professional Carry Case, Test Lead 1.2m with Allogator Clip, Black, Red Test Lead 1.2m with Alligator Clip, IEC Extension Lead, 0.5m, Black Mains Lead, USB Download Lead, UKAS Calibration Certificate, Quick Start Guide.

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Following in the footsteps of Seaward’s long line of trusted PAT testers, the Apollo+ Series offer a comprehensive suite of electrical safety tests to enable any workplace appliance to be tested. The Apollo+ also enables point to point testing of fixed appliances.

The Seaward Apollo 600+ revolutionises safety management, with a built-in risk assessment tool for any workplace hazard and a variety of testing and inspection reports including portable appliance testing, fire detection and emergency lighting; Apollo 600+ offers an all-in-one solution to managing a risk-based approach to health and safety in any workplace, reducing the burden and ensuring compliance.

For complete traceability of results, including proof of visual inspection, the Apollo 600+ features an on-board camera, allowing photographs to be stored alongside risk assessments and other test and inspection data.

The Apollo 600+ also has an interchangeable rechargeable battery to minimise downtime when you are testing a large number of appliances in one day.


Low current earth continuity test (with Zap circuit) guaranteeing accurate measurement
Insulation resistance
IEC lead test
Protective conductor current
Touch current
Load power/current
Alternative leakage current
Point to point testing of earth continuity and insulation resistance
RCD test
Power socket test
On board colour camera with flash.
Store 2,000 images.
Store up to 50,000 appliance records.
Ability to use (2D) QR codes.
Built in universal and electrical risk assessment tools.
Additional health and safety certificates.

An Introduction to the Seaward Apollo+

Seaward Apollo Comparison Chart
General Features 600+ 500+ 400+
Battery & mains powered
Colour screen & QWERTY keypad
Large internal memory up to 50,000 records and 2,000 photos up to 10,000 records up to 2,000 records
Bluetooth scanner & printer compatible
Password controlled user accounts
Set up multiple user accounts with varying levels of privileges
Clone facility to set up multiple testers
Checkbox supplied as standard
Test Inspection Features 600+ 500+ 400+
Auto-increment asset ID
PAT Setup option to allow for custom menus
Enter asset description after test using the keypad or barcode scanner
Comprehensive electrical safety test features
Point to point measurement (Rpe & IR) Optional accessory required
User configurable electrical test/visual inspection sequences 100 100 25
User set sites & locations 100 100 50
Risk-based retest period calculator
User definable comments lines against test records 4 4
Configurable checklists for any workplace test or inspection (user tests)
Onboard camera
Universal risk assessment
Health & safety certificates
Data Transfer 600+ 500+ 400+
1D and 2D Scanner connectivity Reads 1D Data Only
Read QR code (2D) labels with 2D scanner
RFID reader connectivity
Print Pass & Fail labels with 1D barcode
Print Pass & Fail labels with QR code (2D)
Add your company logo to labels (on large 1D labels only)
Select from various label formats to print 6 6 6
Download to PC via USB cable
Data Transfer via USB flash drive
Filter results to be downloaded
Upload previous results to the tester for a retest
Seaward Apollo 600+ Specifications
Earth Continuity
Test Current ±200 mA DC.
Display Range 0.01 to 19.99 Ω.
Pass Value User-defined.
Insulation Resistance
Test Voltage 500 V/250 V DC @ 1 mA nominal.
Display Range 0.01 MΩ to 19.99 MΩ.
Pass Value User-defined.
IEC Lead Test
Test Voltage 5 V AC nominal.
Test Live/neutral checks for o/c, s/c and crossed.
Protective Conductor Current/Load
Test Voltage Supploy voltage, maximum load current 16 A.
Display Ranges 0.01 mA to 19.99 mA.
Pass Value User-defined.
Touch Current
Test Voltage Supply voltage, maximum load current 16 A.
Display Ranges 0.00 to 3.50 mA.
Pass Value User-defined.
Load Power/Current
Test Voltage Supply voltage, maximum load current 16 A.
Test Duration Programmable up to a maximum of 255s depending on load. i.e max duration is reduced for high loads.
Display Range 0.00 kVA to 4.00 kVA
0.00 A to 16.00 A.
Alternative Leakage Current
Test Voltage >25V AC < 50V AC.
Display Range 0.00mA to 19.99mA.
Pass Value User-defined.
RCD Test
Test Voltage 230V +10%, -15%.
Test Current 30mA / 150mA rms sinusoidal.
Display Range 0ms to 2000ms (30mA), 0ms to 40ms (150mA).
Test Method Internal isolation to avoid tripping distribution board RCD.
Power Socket Test
Voltage Range 207 to 253V AC.
Indicates Configuration of Voltage Potential Line potential phase to earth
Line potential phase to neutral
Line potential neutral to earth.
General Specifications
Memory Size 50,000 records and 2,000 visual inspection images.
Weight 1.5kg.
Dimensions 230 x 150 x 100mm.
Power Source Mains or rechargeable battery pack.
Seaward Apollo 600+ warranty 2 years.


Seaward Apollo+ Datasheet

PDF Brochure of the Seaward Apollo 400+, Apollo 500+ & the Apollo 600+ Pat Testers.

Download (1.91M)
Printer Test n Tag Elite 2 Bluetooth printer. 339A989
Printer Rolls Test n Tag Elite 2 Durable Label Rolls (52x74mm) approx. 120 off. 339A9491
Printer Rolls Test n Tag Elite 2 Durable Label Rolls (52x25mm) approx. 304 off. 339A9490
Printer Test n Tag Pro Bluetooth printer. 339A980
Labels Roll of Large White Label Rolls (52x74mm) approx. 130 off. 339A946
Labels Roll of Small White Label Rolls (52 x 25mm) approx. 350 off. 339A947
Scanner Bluetooth 2D Elite Scanner. 339A925
Scanner Bluetooth 1D Barcode Scanner. 339A923
110 V Adaptor 110 V Test Adaptor (for Rpe and IR). 270A076
16 A Adaptor 3 Phase Leakage Adaptor, Star 5 pin 16A (for Rpe and Leakage). 391A920
32 A Adaptor 3 Phase Leakage Adaptor, Star 5 pin 32A (for Rpe and Leakage). 391A910
4 Pin Adaptor 3 Phase Adapter, Delta 4 pin 16A (for Rpe & IR). 209A910
5 Pin Adaptor 3 Phase Adapter, Star 5 pin 16A 415V (for Rpe & IR). 209A911
4 Pin Adaptor 3 Phase Adapter, Delta 4 pin 32A 415V (for Rpe & IR). 209A912
5 Pin Adaptor 3 Phase Adapter, Star 5 pin 32A 415V (for Rpe & IR). 209A913
Checkbox Apollo+ Series Checkbox. 380A953
Download Lead Apollo+ Series USB Download Lead. 396A976
Software PATGuard 3 Elite 1 Year Licence. 400A910
Software PATGuard 3 Elite Outright Purchase 400A917

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