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Megger DLRO2 Low Resistance Ohmmeter
  • Megger DLRO2 Low Resistance Ohmmeter
  • Megger DLRO2 Low Resistance Ohmmeter
  • Megger DLRO2 Low Resistance Ohmmeter
  • Megger DLRO2 Low Resistance Ohmmeter

Megger DLRO2 Low Resistance Ohmmeter

Megger approved distributor and service centre.

Includes: Kelvin clip lead set 2m, Kelvin probe lead set 2m, 240 V charger power supply, Six Batteries: 1.2 V NiMH AA 2000mAHR, USB memory stick (with user guide), Hanging hook and strap, Soft pouch.

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The Megger DLRO2 is a tough and truly hand held 2A low resistance ohmmeter, designed to provide fast, accurate and repeatable measurements even in electrically noisy environments.

The DLRO2 can measure low resistance values across a wide range of applications, from railways and aircraft to industry components. This tough device comes with a brand new ‘difference’ meter that allows repetitive measurements to be easily compared with an initial reference measurement. The difference meter also translates the percentage difference to a needle/pointer movement, making the changes clear to see.

There are three main measurement modes:
Normal resistance (μΩ).
Fast / long test lead (mΩ).
Inductive resistance (μΩ).

The DLRO2 measures low resistance values in applications ranging from railways and aircraft to resistance of components in industry. Any metallic joint can be measured but users must be aware of measurement limitations depending on application. For example, if a cable manufacturer plans to make resistive measurements on a thin wire, a low test current should be selected to prevent heating the wire thereby changing its resistance. This instrument is suited to measuring thick conductors, bonds and quality of welding.

Measurements on electric motors and generators will be inductive and require the user to understand the inductive mode and charging process before a correct result is achieved. Electromagnetic noise induced into the leads can interfere with a reading. A noise icon alerts the user, but does not prevent a measurement. When dissimilar metals are joined a galvanic effect is created. Users should select a bidirectional mode to make sure this effect is cancelled. The instrument measures with current flowing in both directions and averages the result.


New ‘Difference Meter’ for quick data comparisons.
Rotary dial test function selection.
Use long leads at 1 A without compromising test speed.
Unidirectional or bidirectional test options on normal resistance test mode.
Safely test the resistance of inductive loads at 1A.
Secondary display field showing either forward and reverse measurement results.
<600 V active protection against inadvertent live connections without blowing a fuse.
Noisy connection warning.
Test currents selectable from 1mA to 2A.
Capable of 500 measurements from a single charge.
Ideal for outdoor use with protection against dust and moisture to IP54.
Industry standard safety rated at CATIII 600 V/CATIV 300.

Megger DLRO2 Product Video

Resistance Measurement Ranges
Full Scale Resistance Test Current Resolution Normal Resistance Mode Inductive Mode Long Test Lead Mode (1 A only)
15000 µΩ 2.00 A 1 μΩ
120.00 mΩ 2.00 A 0.01 mΩ
1000.0 mΩ 2.00 A 0.1 mΩ
30.000 mΩ 1.00 A 0.001 mΩ
240.00 mΩ 1.00 A 0.01 mΩ
2200.0 mΩ 1.00 A 0.1 mΩ
300.00 mΩ 100 mA 0.01 mΩ
2500.0 mΩ 100 mA 0.1 mΩ
20.000 Ω 100 mA 0.001 Ω
3000.0 mΩ 10.0 mA 0.1 mΩ
24.000 Ω 10.0 mA 0.001 Ω
200.00 Ω 10.0 mA 0.01 Ω
30.000 Ω 1.00 mA 0.001 Ω
240.00 Ω 1.00 mA 0.01 Ω
2000.0 Ω 1.00 mA 0.1 Ω
Megger DLRO2 Specifications
Low Resistance Measurement
Resistance measurement test modes Normal test mode, Fast mΩ/long test lead mode and Inductive test mode (Resistance of inductive loads).
Overall resistance range 1μΩ – 2000Ω.
Max resistance across C terminals 2A with up to 1.1Ω total resistance and 1A with up to 3.2Ω total resistance.
Basic accuracy Bi-directional test current mode: + /- 1% +/- 2 digits
Uni-directional test current mode: + /- 1% +/- 10 digits
Inductive mode or unidirectional mode will introduce an undefined error if an external EMF is present.
Normal Resistance Test Mode
Current ranges 2A, 1A, 100mA, 10mA and 1mA.
Maximum compliance output voltage 3.24V (1A mode), 2.2V (2A mode).
Current output accuracy Normal and Inductive mode: ±10 %
Long test lead mode: +10 % -0%
At all battery conditions except with low battery indication.
Thermal EMF / Seebeck effect compensation Yes, average of forward and reverse test current measurements.
Safety and Electrical Protection
Safety rating CATIII 600V / CATIV 300V to EN 61010, IEC 61010-031 : 2015, IEC 61010-030
Safety category rating valid to altitude of 3000m.
Live voltage Active live voltage protection to 600V between any test terminals without blowing a fuse.
Live voltage warning on display and audible when >5V is applied between any test terminals.
Fuse protected to 1000V, fuses are not user changeable.
Noise immunity Less than 1% ±20 digits additional error with 80mV peak 50/60Hz with on screen noise indicator.
Less than 1% ±20 digits additional error with 80mV peak 400Hz with on screen noise indicator.
EMC IEC61326-1, industrial specification IEC61326-2-2.
Dust and moisture ingress IP54 to IEC60529 in use.
Altitude Operational to 3000m.
Temperature Operational range 0 ºC to 50 ºC
Storage range -20 ºC to 50 ºC.
Humidity Operational to 95%, Storage to 90%.
Power Supply
Rechargeable 6 x HR6 Ni MH batteries with in unit fast charge (also ability to use non-rechargeable Alkaline AA batteries (LR6)).
Battery charge time Less than 4 hours.
Battery life More than 1000 bi-directional tests at 2A into a 1Ω load.
Battery Charger / Adaptor
Mains / line input voltage 100 - 240V
Mains / line input frequency 47 - 63Hz.
Output 12V DC 1.2A 14.4W max.
Type Travel adaptor / interchangeable plug adaptor.
Test terminals 4 x 4mm shrouded sockets.
Data USB (For firmware updates only)
User may update instrument firmware to latest version themselves.
User interface English, French, German and Spanish.
User guide English, French, German and Spanish.
Display Full LCD colour screen with user configurable backlight.
Dimensions 228 x 105 x 75mm (8.98 x 4.1 x 2.95 in).
Weight 905 grams (with batteries).


Megger DLRO2 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Megger DLRO2 2A Low Resistance Ohmmeter.

Download (710.9k)
Probe & Clip Set 10 A Fused test probe and clip lead set. 1013-224
Lead Set DLRO2 current and potential leadset 2m. 2 x red lead, 2 x blk lead, 2 x grabber clip, 2 x probe. 1011-673
Right-angled Adaptors 4 right angled adaptors to allow hook terminated (E.g. KC100) leads to fit DLRO2. 1012-511
Probe Pins/Tips Set of 4 Kelvin probe pins. Replacement probe tips. 1012-064

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