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Megger MFM10
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Megger MFM10 Sheath Fault Location System

Megger approved distributor and service centre.

Includes: MFM 10, HV connection cable (incl. aligator clips), 4 m, Mains connection lead, 2.5 m, Earthing lead, 5 m, 2 x measuring leads (incl. aligator clips), 0.5 m, 12V vehicle charging cable, 3.5 m, Accessory bag, USB flash drive with Easyprot software, Manual.

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The Megger MFM 10 sheath fault location system is used for the general measurement of insulating cable sheaths and due its numerous applications, is regarded as the universal device for these measuring requirements. Accordingly, the MFM10 permits in the easiest way the testing of cable sheaths and prelocation and pinpointing of cable sheath faults.

For power cables and particularly for cables in the field of telecommunication, an undamaged cable sheath is an exceptionally important prerequisite to avoid serious cable faults which would influence the quality of supply. The conservation of the value of a cable is also determined by the attention paid to the condition of the sheath. Irrespective of the tests and diagnoses of the core insulation, the early recognition and elimination of sheath faults has a stabilising effect on the operational quality of a cable system.

The available current of up to 750 mA also enables a fault conversion by the so-called “burning” of difficult sheath faults (e.g. high-impedance or intermittent faults). In which the thermal reaction to the electric arc converts the hydrocarbons of the cable insulation at the fault location into conductive carbon. The fault resistance is lowered and accordingly prelocation and pinpointing is easier.

If the device is equipped with the “AF” option it simultaneously transmits a 8.44 kHz audio frequency signal into the cable when working in pinpointing mode.


Test Voltage up to ±10 kV DC.
Burning mode with manual control of the output voltage, selectable current limit and up to 750 mA of continuous output current (max. 5 minutes).
Bipolar measurement for highest accuracy.
Pinpointing with pulsed DC voltage.
Detection of incorrect hook-up to cable under test.
Fault locating of high resistive faults inside cables.
Detection, storage and data recording of fast processes (wipers, breakdowns).
Logging and log data export to Easyprot software via USB.
Only one single removable HV connection cable.
Easy-Go operation via jogdial and touch screen.
Automatic measurement and protocolling.

Megger MFM 10 Specifications
Power Source
Functions Testing, prelocation and pinpointing, burning, direct resistance measurement, voltage and current limiter, quick event/transient recognition.
Output voltage 0 ... 10 kV DC, bipolar.
Output current 750 mA at 0.4 kV
200 mA at 0.5 ... 1.5 kV
60 mA at 5 kV
30 mA at 10 kV.
Maximum permitted capacity of the test object 10 μF.
Test voltage 0 ... 10 kV.
Method Voltage drop method (fully automatic).
Measuring accuracy ±0.1%.
Voltage 0 ... 10 kV DC, pulsed.
Duty cycle Selectable.
Pulse rates 0.5:1 / 1:2 / 1.5:0.5 / 1.5:3.5
4.8 Hz ("vLoc" A-frame of VivaxMetrotech)
3 Hz ("SFL2" A-frame of Metrotech)
Audio frequency (devices with 'AF' option only) f = 8.44 kHz, Uo = 100 VRMS, P = 7 Wpeak (at 500 Ω).
Power supply (rated voltage) 88 V ... 264 V, 50 / 60 Hz.
DC supply (for charging only) 12/24 V DC.
Battery Built-in NiMH battery (340 Wh).
Operating time whilst battery powered approx. 2 hours
1 The value depends largely on the operating conditions. The value specified applies to continuous pinpointing with a rate of 1:3 at an output of 300 W.
Power consumption max. 500 VA.
General Specifications
Display 320 x 240 pixel LCD, LED backlight.
User Interface Rotary encoder & touch screen.
Memory 2 GB flash memory for system and user data.
Data logging with a USB stick.
Operating temperature −25 °C ... +55 °C.
Storage temperature −40 °C ... +70 °C.
Protection class I (protective earthing).
Protection rating IP53 (with closed lid).
Dimensions (W x H x D) 500 x 457 x 305 mm.
Weight 25 kg.


Megger MFM10 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Megger MFM10 Sheath Fault Location System.

Download (1.66M)
10m Test Lead HV test cable HSK 36-10, 10 m. 118307484-001
15m Test Lead HV test cable HSK 36-15, 15 m. 2003858-001
20m Test Lead HV test cable HSK 36-20, 20 m. 2003859-001
External Safety Kit External Safety Kit incl. 5m connection lead. 820003206
Connection Clamps MFM connection set for HV armatures. 118308004

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