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Kewtech KT63 Multifunction 5-1 Tester
  • Kewtech KT63 Multifunction 5-1 Tester
  • Kewtech KT63 Multifunction 5-1 Tester
  • Kewtech KT63 Multifunction 5-1 Tester

Kewtech KT63DL Multifunction 5-1 Tester

Kewtech Authorised Distributor

Includes: KAMP12UK Mains Lead, ACC063 3 wire distribution board test lead, 8 x AA Batteries, Carrying strap, Large carrying case, Instruction Manual, Certificate of conformity, End of line certificate.

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The Kewtech KT63DL is an updated version of the popular KT63. It now tests type A & AS RCDs using the same easy to use interface, we have also added 10mA RCD tests as well. For those with the KT63 we can provicde the service of an upgrade which includes the relevant hardware, software and includes a calibration

Providing a multitude of testing options the Kewtech KT63DL Multifunction Tester offers user convenience and reliability. Specifically designed for the UK market the Kewtech KT63 offers speedy 17th Edition testing for either commercial or domestic properties.

The Primary display of the large LCD shows the result of the test being conducted. At the same time a secondary display area shows supporting information e.g. for an insulation test the main display shows the resistance of the insulation whilst the secondary display confirms the test voltage applied.


Multifunction 5-1 Tester.
Easy to use - straight forward interface.
Best loop performance accuracy when benchmarked against other brands.
No Bangs - continuous live monitoring means no bangs.
IP54 even when the leads are not plugged in - a great help if you happen to be caught outside.
Proven, accurate and reliable.
Easy to use - straight forward interface.
Tests Type AC & A, ACS & AS RCDs.

Kewtech KT63 Product Video

Kewtech KT63DL Specifications
Open Circuit Voltage (DC)
Short Circuit Current
Ranges (Auto Range)
>4V, <10V >200mA 9.99Ω, 99.9Ω,1999 Ω ±3% ±2 digits
Test Lead Null 4Ω, Hazard warning LED >25V, Typical Test Time(2Ω) <2 sec.
Open Circuit Voltage (DC) Short Circuit Current Ranges (Auto Range) Accuracy
250V 1mA - 0 = + 20% @ 250kΩ 9.99MΩ, 99.9MΩ, 199MΩ ±3% ±2 digits
500V 1mA - 0 = + 20% @ 500kΩ 9.99MΩ, 99.9MΩ, 199MΩ
±3% ±1 digits
±6% ±1 digits
1000V 1mA - 0 = + 20% @ 1MΩ

9.99MΩ, 99.9MΩ, 199MΩ,

±3% ±1 digits
±3% ±1 digits
±6% ±1 digits
Short circuit current (in to 2kΩ) <2mA, Typical Test Time (10MΩ) <2 sec.
Loop impedance
Range Accuracy
ATT No trip 0.00 – 9.99 Ω ± 5% ± 5 digits.
ATT No trip 10.00 – 99.9 Ω ± 3% ± 3 digits.
ATT No trip 100 - 500 Ω ± 3% ± 3digits.
High Current 0.00 - 500 Ω ± 3% ± 3 digits.
Function Accuracy Rated Voltage Tripping Time Accuracy
X ½ –0% to –10% 195V – 253V AC 50Hz Up to 1 second ±(1% + 1ms)
X 1 +0% to +10% 195V – 253V AC 50Hz Above 1 second ±(1% +10ms)
X 5 +0% to +10% 195V – 253V AC 50Hz
Ramp Test Increments in 3mA steps
Auto test 30mA RCD ½ x 0º, ½ x 180º, 1 x 0º, 1 x 180º, 5 x 0º, 5x 180º.


Kewtech KT63DL Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Kewtech KT63DL Digital 5-in-1 Multifunction Tester.

Download (92.31k)
Test LeadsDistribution test lead set for the KT63.ACC063
Mains LeadMains lead for MFT KT63, KT64DL & KT65DL.KAMP12UK
Carry BagKT63 kit carry bag.KITBAG4
CertsElectrical Test and Installation Cert (40 pgs).TC1

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