Megger MFT1735 Multifunction Tester

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The Megger MFT1735 features internally rechargeable batteries and charger with a charge time of less than 4 hrs, so reducing the cost of ownership.

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The Megger MFT1735 is designed for testing low voltage electrical installations to BS 7671. It provides all the tests required to complete the necessary electrical certification for industrial, commercial and domestic fixed wiring installations.

The range of earth electrode tests supplied on-board the Megger MFT1735 makes it the perfect test package for those working on TT installations, vehicle charging point installations and verifying the earthing performance of lightning protection systems.

Quick to pick up and use, the controls are colour coded to make range selection easy and fast. They also reduce the chance of using the wrong function or range. The large crystal clear backlit display uses the patented Megger digital/analogue arc, providing indication of fluctuating readings while the dual digital readout shows precise values of key measurements simultaneously with the test parameters, such as the output voltage on insulation testing as well as the resistance value in MΩ.

** The MFT1735 is supplied with a 3-wire earth test kit, however optional accessories are required for the ART and stakeless techniques.

  • Insulation Ranges: 100V, 250V, 500V & 1000V.
  • Test Voltage Display.
  • Adjustable Buzzer Threshold.
  • Continuity: 200mA & 15mA Test Current.
  • Auto-Reverse Continuity Test.
  • 2 Wire Non Trip Loop Test L-PE.
  • PFC Measurement Displayed with Loop Resistance.
  • L-PE 48V to 280V, 45Hz to 65Hz.
  • High Current Testing L-L and L-N.
  • L-L 48V to 480V, 45Hz to 65Hz.
  • RCD Testing: 1/2I, I and 5I Test, 0° + 180° Phase Angle.
  • Auto RCD Test.
  • Fast Ramp Test.
  • Type AC, A, S RCDs.
  • Type B RCDs.
  • Programmable RCDs.
  • 3 Phase RCDs.
  • Earth testing: 2 & 3 Pole Earth Electrode.
  • ART Method (attached rod technique).
  • Stakeless Method with optional clamps.
  • Bright Easy-to-Read LCD Display.
  • Current Measurement with Optional Clamp.
  • Rechargeable Batteries.
  • Free Megger Calibration Certificate.
  • Dust & Weatherproof to IP54.
  • CAT IV 300V Safety Rating.
  • Megger MFT1735 Warranty: 3 years.

Includes: Megger MFT1735 Multifunction Installation Tester, Megger Earth Spike Set, 3-wire test lead set with croc clips, SP5 Switched probe, Mains plug test lead, Neck strap, Quick-start guide, Hard carry-case, 8 x AA batteries, Rechargeable battery pack with charger and Calibration Certificate.

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Megger MFT1735 Multifunction Tester

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