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Chauvin CA8435 Qualistar Power Quality Analyser
  • Chauvin CA8435 Qualistar Power Quality Analyser
  • Chauvin CA 8435 Qualistar Power Quality Analyser
  • Chauvin CA8435 Qualistar Power Quality Analyser
  • Chauvin CA8435 Qualistar Power Quality Analyser

Chauvin CA 8345 Qualistar Power Quality Analyser

Chauvin Arnoux authorised distributor and calibration house.

Includes: CA 8345 with its battery, SD card, 5x black straight-straight banana-banana safety leads attached with a Velcro tie, 5x black crocodile clips, 5x cable reels, hand strap, USB A-B cord, specific mains power unit with mains cord, PA40W-2 or PA32ER depending on the order, 12 sets of inserts and rings to mark the current leads and sensors according to their phases, carrying bag, carrying bag for the instrument, multilingual safety data sheet, test report, multilingual quick start guide.

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Special limited time introductory CA 8345 Bundle.
Buy the Qualistar 8345 power quality analyser bundle and get the DataView data analysis software
and 4 Ampflex A193-450 clamps included!

The Chauvin CA 8345 Class A Qualistar is a three-phase power quality analyser and is in compliance with the standard governing the methods of measurement of power quality, IEC 61000-4-30. Comfortable to handle and equipped with an intuitive GUI, these analysers offer high measurement accuracy. They also feature numerous calculated values and several processing functions.

The CA 8345 is an easy-to-use analytical tool. After connection, the CA 8345 immediately and totally automatically displays the voltages up to 1,000 V AC and DC and the currents, thanks to a function which automatically recognises the sensor connected.

To process the CA 8345 Qualistar Class A measurements you can use the free Power Analyser Transfer software (PAT3) which can be downloaded from the Chauvin Arnoux website.

With the CA 8345, Chauvin Arnoux provides a simple, reliable solution for checking your voltage and your overall power quality to IEC 61000-4-30 Class A.


Harmonics (amplitude and phase shift) from DC to the 63rd order.
Inter-harmonic subgroups from 0 to the 62nd order.
Measurement of P, N, Q1, S and D power values (total and per phase).
Trend diagram, variations of the signal parameters.
Parameterisable alarms, with the possibility of sending an email alert to the user.
2.5 µs transient.
12 kV shockwaves lasting 500 ns.
TrueInrush to capture all the load start-up.
Calculation of Displacement Power Factor (DPF) and Power Factor (PF).
Calculation of Pst & Plt flicker and the sliding Pst.
Calculation of unbalance (current and voltage).
Full compliance with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A.
Software for real-time data recovery and communication with a PC.

Chauvin CA 8345 Qualistar Video

Chauvin CA 8345 Qualistar Power Quality Analyser Specifications
Inputs Voltage/current, isolated.
Voltage 5 V to 1,000 Vac and Vdc.
IEC 61000-4-30 (Ed 3) Class A (Full).
Screen 7" colour LCD touch screen: 800 x 480 (WVGA).
Clock/GPS Yes, built-in.
Real-time mode Yes.
Sampling rate Voltage 400 kSps / Current 200 kSps / Surge 2 MSps.
Power mode Yes.
Energy mode Yes.
Unbalance mode composite.
Harmonics mode DC to 63rd order.
Interharmonics mode 0 to 62nd order.
Trend recording >900 parameters.
Alarm mode (types/number) 52 / 20,000.
Carrier current detection mode Yes.
Inrush capture (number) 100.
2.5 μs transients (number) No maximum (SD card).
Shockwaves Up to 12 kV sampled every 500ns.
EN50160 monitoring mode With PAT3 software.
USB communication Yes.
SD card Accessible, external.
Ethernet Yes.
Wifi Yes.
Web server Yes.
USB key port (Type A) Yes.
Battery cartridge Li-ion – 5800 Ah.
EC 61010 safety CAT IV 1000V.
Protection IP54.
Operating temperature [+0 °C; +40 °C].
Environmental compliance IEC 61557-12 & IEC 62586.
Dimensions (H x L x D) 200 x 285 x 55 mm.
Weight 1.9 kg.
Chauvin CA 8345 warranty 3 years.


Chauvin CA 8345 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Chauvin CA 8345 Class A Power Quality Analyser.

Download (2.11M)

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