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Cuthbertson Laird Ireland brings you the latest product and accessories news from the leading test instrument manufacturers.

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Druck DPS5000 SDI-12 Digital Pressure Sensing Platform

Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager

Price £14,899.00

Martindale NC1 Non-contact Solenoid/Magnetic Field Tester

Price £20.00

Martindale NC2 Non-contact Voltage Tester

Price £19.00

Martindale NC3 Non-contact Voltage and Magnetic Field Tester

Price £29.00

Martindale NC4 Dual Sensitivity Non-contact Voltage Tester

Price £27.00

T&R Z-OVR Cable Impedance Test Set

Price £13,000.00

FLIR E6-XT Infrared Camera

Price £1,720.00

FLIR E8-XT Infrared Camera

Price £2,716.00

Megger Baker MTR105 Rotating Machine Tester

Price £1,700.00

Megger TTRU3 Transformer Turns Ratiometer

Price £8,835.00

Martindale PD440S Proving Unit

Price £95.00

Martindale PD440SX Proving Unit

Price £115.00

Martindale PD690S 690V AC Proving Unit

Price £99.00

Martindale PD690SX Proving Unit

Price £119.00

Chauvin Arnoux CA6418 Earth Clamp

Price £1,180.00