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Fluke ST240+ RCD Socket Tester

Fluke authorised distributor and calibration house.

Includes: Fluke ST240+ and instruction sheet.

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The Fluke ST240+ RCD Socket Tester with Beeper checks that each wire in the outlet is properly connected to the building's electrical system.

The three bright LED indicators on the front of the tester let you see at a glance if each wire in the socket is properly connected and the results are clearly displayed. A further benefit of the ST240+ is an audible bleeper that activates whenever voltage is detected.

With an integrated RCD test, you can feel secure knowing that your RCD equipped outlets are functioning properly


Correct installation.
Earth fault.
Neutral fault.
Live fault.
Live/neutral reversed.
Live/earth reversed.

Fluke ST240+ RCD Socket Tester
Rated operating voltage 230 V ac +/-10% at 4 mA.
Wattage .92 W typical.
Frquency 50 Hz.
Integrated, switchable beeper Yes.
RCD test Yes.
Indicator lights 1 red, 2 green LEDs.
Rating 300 V CAT II.
ST240+ Warranty Two-years.


Fluke ST240+ Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Fluke ST240+ RCD Socket Tester with beeper.

Download (1.64M)

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