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The Power Quality Health Check is a power quality data analysis and report writing service provided by a well-renowned PQ industry expert.

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The Power Quality Health Check is a simple Power Quality survey and report service to show your installations overall power quality health. The Power Quality Health Check service is not done by the Cuthbertson Laird Group but is provided by a well-renowned PQ industry expert with many years experience in this field.

The Power Quality Health Check has been designed to offer all users and suppliers of any power quality analyser the ability to have unique and intuitive reports produced for them online. The portal developed by Power Quality Expert allows for the upload of any manufacturers analyser or logger data directly to us for analysis. The report consists of the key power and energy measurements and also analysis of voltage and current harmonics presented in an intuitive “Traffic Light” format to help easily identify areas of interest. The report is made available to the customer through their individual account for viewing online in the browser or to be downloaded or shared through PDF and a unique URL link.

The reports feature a really easy to understand traffic light system showing which parameters are OK, which are close to limits, and those that require attention.

When buying online you will receive a unique voucher code (see image above) per survey to be analysed and reported upon.


Full Power Quality report writing service.
Easy to understand traffic light system.
Provides recommendations and advice.
All major brands of Power Quality Analyser or Energy Loggers are supported.

All of your PQ reports are held online in your personal account and can be accessed, downloaded (as PDF), or shared whenever you want. Once you have completed your survey (we recommend a one week period with sampling every 10mins), upload your raw data file through the Power Quality Health Check portal and enter your voucher code. You will then receive notification once the data analysis is complete and your PQ report is ready.

Discounts available if ordering 5 or more reports.


What Is A Power Quality Health Check?

When you hire or buy a power quality analyser or energy logger it gives you the ability to look at and record energy and power issues. However, when you start to look at the information you may need assistance to understand what the results are telling you.

The Power Quality Health Check allows you to send us your data and we will analyse the results and prepare the report for you. We can make recommendations on common problems such as power factor, over or under voltage, voltage harmonics and current harmonics with advice on solutions.

All of your reports are held online in your personal account and can be accessed whenever you need or shared through and individual, emailable link.

What Do I Need To Use For A Power Quality Health Check?

You need to use a Power Quality Analyser, a Power Quality Meter or a Power Energy Logger. However we support most of the major manufacturers test equipment, so if you already have a meter please contact us and we can advise on its compatibility with our service.

What Do I Need To Do For The Power Quality Health Check?

If you already have access to A Power Quality Analyser, a Power Quality Meter or a Power Energy Logger then you are halfway there. Set up your meter to record data for a one week survey of the electrical installation, then upload the file you have recorded through the portal and we will do all the analysis of the raw data. Your report will be made available online and for download as a PDF file.

Do Power Quality Health Checks Work?

Yes, over the past few years electrical installations and electrical loads have changed and become more complex. Modern electrical installations and electrical equipment can produce harmonic problems and over voltage on site may be causing higher than expected energy bills and lower life expectancy for equipment.

Identifying areas of concern can help reduce equipment downtime, energy costs and help plan for future expansion and free up spare energy capacity.

Since its creation, Power Quality Expert has helped numerous companies and contractors to identify power quality problems and investigate power quality issues. We recommend that you do a Power Quality Health Check on an electrical installation every 12 months.

The Power Quality Health Check is a great add-on for contractors looking to offer additional value-add services to customers.

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Power Quality Health Check

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