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Kewtech KEWEVSE EVSE Adapter

Kewtech Approved distributor.

Includes: Kewtech KEWEVSE, Carry Case and Manual.

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The Kewtech KEWEVSE is the smallest in class EVSE adapter for testing the functionality and allowing your EV enabled MFT to test the electrical safety parameters of your EV charging point.


PE Pre-Test

Prior to all other tests the PE pre-test must be successfully carried out. Never touch PE terminals at the mains socket on the back of the adapter before the PE pre-test is successfully finished.

The PE Pre-test allows the operator to test the PE conductor for the possible presence of dangerous voltage against earth.Normally the PE conductor is connected to earth and has no voltage against earth.In a situation where the PE conductor is not connected to earth (mistakingly connected to phase or possibly broken) the user is exposed to a ‘danger to life’ situation.

Test Procedure:

Connect the test adapter to the charging station.
Touch the touch pad (no. 6) with a bare finger.
If the light indicator (no. 5) is illuminated then a dangerous voltage is present at the PE conductor. Stop further testing immediately and remedy the wiring fault.

Do not wear gloves while performing this test and ensure a proper connection to earth. Never touch any metal parts during this test. In the case of improper earthing (e.g., operators body is isolated from the earth) this test may be not reliable.


Enables electrical safety testing of electric vehicle charging points compatible with any EVSE testing equipment.
4mm connectors and alternative BS1363 socket for connecting your tester.
For testing domestic and commercial EV charging equipment.
CP & PP state adjustment rotary switches.
PE error & CP error simulation test.
Oscilloscope output.
CompactEasy to use.

Kewtech KEWEVSE EVSE Adapter Specifications
Input voltage Max. 250V (single-phase), max. 430V (three-phase) 50/60Hz.
Measurement Category CAT II 300V.
Mains socket rating 250V/10A.
Mains socket protection Fuse T10A/250V.
PP simulation Open circuit, 13A, 20A, 32A, 63A.
CP simulation States A, B, C, D.
Error simulation CP error “E”, PE (earth fault) error.
PE Pre-Test Yes.
Test connector type IEC62196-2 Type 2 male.
Test cable length 25cm.
Working temperature 0 … +40ºC.
Storage temperature -10 … +50ºC.
Humidity 0-80% RH.


Kewtech KEWEVSE Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Kewtech KEWEVSE EVSE Adapter.

Download (342.83k)

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