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Wohler CDL 210 CO2-Datalogger
  • Wohler CDL 210 CO2-Datalogger
  • Wohler CDL 210 CO2-Datalogger
  • Wohler CDL 210 CO2-Datalogger
  • Wohler CDL210 CO2-Datalogger

Wohler CDL 210 CO2-Datalogger

wohler authorised distributor.

Includes: CDL 210 Datalogger, power supply, data cable, PC software.

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The Wohler CO2-logger measures the CO2 level, the air temperature and the humidity and logs the measured data. It is therefore ideal for the monitoring and the evaluation of the interior climate in living spaces and in commercial premises.

The Wohler CDL 210 can record readings of CO2, temperature and humidity for long time environment monitoring. The memory capacity is 16000 points, and the user can set up the sampling rate from 1 second to 4:59:59 hours. The Wohler CDL 210 will keep the stored data, even if the power supply is disconnected.

With the Wohler Indoor Air Quality software the data measured by the Wöhler CDL 210 is transmitted to the PC where it can be analysed. The actual measurement will be exported as an csv file and saved to the path selected by the user. The data can be analysed in an excel file.

The meter is calibrated at standard 400 ppm CO2 concentration in the factory. It is suggested to do a manual calibration regularly and especially before using it for the first time to maintain good accuracy. The calibration will last about 30 minutes.


Infrared CO2 measurement.
Acoustical and visual alarm function with adjustable limit.
Comfort level indicator with adjustable alarm values.
Data logger.
Max/Min values.
Non-volatile memory.
Automatic calibration function.
Large display.

CO2 Meter In Schools & Offices: Reduce The Risk Of Infection Video

CO2 Concentrations Recommendations
CO2 Concentration In The Air Recommendations
< 700 ppm Good optimal (Display Wöhler CDL 210)
No further ventilation is needed.
< 1000 ppm Normal (Display Wöhler CDL 210)
No further ventilation is needed.
> 1000 ppm Poor (Display Wöhler CDL 210)
Ventilation is required
Improve ventilation behaviour.
> 2000 ppm Ventilation is absolutely necessary!
Further ventilation measures are needed (more ventilation, reduction of the number of persons in the room).
Wohler CDL-210 Specifications
CO2 Measurement
Range 0 – 2.000 ppm (2001 - 9.999 ppm out of scale range).
Resolution 1 ppm.
Accuracy ± 50 ppm ±5 % of reading (0-2000 ppm).
Pressure dependence ± 1,6 % of reading per kPa deviation from normal pressure, 100 kPa.
Sensor Stable NDIR sensor.
Range -10 °C to +60 °C.
Resolution 0.1 °C (0.1 °F).
Accuracy ± 0.6°C (± 0.9 °F).
Relative Humidity
Range 5 - 95%.
Resolution 0.1%
Accuracy ± 3 % (10 - 90%, 25 °C)
5% (other values, 25 °C).
Data Logging
Number of measurement series 5.333 per reading (°C, %rF, CO2).
Data logging 15.999.
Sampling rate From 1 second to 4:59:59 hours.
General Specifications
Display Simultaneous indication of CO2 level, temperature and relative humidity.
Indoor air quality indication Good
Power supply AC Adapter 5 V, 0.5 A output.
Connection to PC USB-interface.
Dimensions(L x B x D) 120 x 100 x 110 mm.
Wöhler CDL 210 warranty One-year.


Wöhler CDL-210 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Wöhler CDL-210 CO2 Datalogger.

Download (101.21k)

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