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TPI DC710PA1 Flue Gas Analyser Kit
  • TPI DC710PA1 Flue Gas Analyser Kit
  • TPI DC710PA1 Flue Gas Analyser Kit
  • TPI DC710PA1 Flue Gas Analyser Kit
  • TPI DC710PA1 Flue Gas Analyser Kit

TPI DC710PA1 Flue Gas Analyser Kit

TPI approved distributor and service centre.

Includes: TPI DC710 Smart Combustion/Flue Gas Analyser, USB Charger Cable & Universal Plug, Protective Rubber End Caps, GK11M Temperature Air Probe, A787 Carry Case, A763 Mini In-Line Pump Protection Filter, A770 Water Stop Sampling Probe, CPK3 CPA1 Probe Kit, SP620 Dual Input Manometer, CK21M/Pair Temperature Pipe Clamps.l.

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The Bluetooth enabled TPI DC710CPA1 Combustion/Flue Gas Analyser Kit comes complete with a CPA1 probe kit, which is designed to be used on a range of open flued, room sealed and flueless appliances; use this kit to sample combustion products from cookers, grills and flueless appliances as described in BS7967:2005​. C/W Water Trap Bowl & Pouch. The free TPI app can be used to create reports on-site and is integrated with Gas Certificate App.

The TPI DC710 combustion analyser is state of the art and easy to use. Connect it to your smart device and you are ready to perform combustion analysis. With a CO measurement range from 0 - 10,000ppm and a temperature measurement range from -50˚C - 1000˚C. It can also calculate levels of CO2, CO air free, excess air, and combustion efficiency.

The DC710 combustion analyser uses state of the art electrochemical sensors. This sensor technology provides the longest lasting most accurate and reliable means for performing combustion tests. Your analyser will need to be serviced/re-certified annually.

The TPI DC710 Smart Flue Gas Analyser is to be used in conjunction with a Smart Phone/Tablet using the free TPI View app. Download the TPI View app from the Apple® app store or the Google® play store to begin using your DC710.

Note: Smartphone NOT included.

The TPI DC710PA1 Smart Combustion Analyser Kit includes:

TPI DC710 Smart Combustion/Flue Gas Analyser.
USB Charger Cable & Universal Plug.
Protective Rubber End Caps.
TPI GK11M Temperature Air Probe.
TPI A787 Carry Case.
TPI A763 Mini In-Line Pump Protection Filter.
TPI A770 Water Stop Sampling Probe.
TPI CPK3 CPA1 Probe Kit.
TPI SP620 Dual Input Manometer.
TPI CK21M/Pair Temperature Pipe Clamps.

Your TPI DC710 Flue Gas Analyser is guaranteed free from defects in materials and workmanship for 12 Years* from the date of purchase. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

* Warranty subject to annual service/re-calibration by TPI Europe Ltd or an approved TPI Service Centre.


Measures CO & O2 and View app calculates CO2, Ratio & Efficiency.
Measures Dual Temperatures for Flow & Return or Radiator Balancing.
Use for BS7967.
10,000ppm over-range CO sensor to help avoid saturation & potential unnecessary downtime.
Works on Light or Heavy Oil, Wood Pellet/Biomass or LPG in addition to Natural Gas.
USB Charging with Charging Symbol & Low Battery indicators.
In-Built Magnet for Safe Housing on Appliances.
In-Built Hanging Hook where Magnets won’t work.
Robust design with Protective Rubber End Caps.
Designed to be able to integrate with existing Job Management apps.
Designed to be able to integrate into existing PC based programs.
Works with optional Printer through View app.

TPI DC710 Smart Combustion Analyser With View App

TPI DC710 Specifications
Input Type Dual input differential.
Connection Type 1/4 inch barb.
Measurement Range -150 mbar to +150mbar (-60 inH2O to +60 inH2O).
Accuracy +/-0.05 mbar (0 to 1 mbar) / +/-(1.5% + 20 digits) (> 1 mbar).
+/-0.02 inH2O (0 to 1 inH2O) / +/-(1.5% + 20 digits) (> 1 inH2O).
Resolution 0.01 mbar / 0.01 inH2O.
Units of Measure 7 Units (mbar, inH2O, kPa, PSI, mmHg, inHg, mmH2O).
Operating Temperature -20⁰C to 50⁰C (-4⁰F to 122⁰F).
Communication Bluetooth version 4.2 (Use with TPI Smart Probe App).
Battery Type AAA x 3.
Battery Life 80 hours typical.
TPI A770 Combustion Flue Probe with Temperature Technical Specifications
Dimensions of Shaft 250mm long x 6mm diameter.
Weight 1kg.


TPI DC710 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the TPI DC710 Flue Gas Analyser.

Download (2.87M)

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