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Testo AG, with its headquarters in Lenzkirch in the Black Forest, is a global leader in the field of portable measurement technology.
Testo Limited was established in 1983 as the UK subsidiary of Testo AG and is based in Alton, Hampshire where we sell the full range of test equipment across the UK and Ireland.

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Testo 115i Clamp Thermometer

Price £49.00

Testo 184 G1 Temperature, Humidity & Shock Logger

Price £222.00

Testo 184 T3 Temperature USB Data Logger

Price £88.00

Testo 270 Cooking Oil Tester

Price £370.00

Testo 300 Standard Kit

Price £849.00

Testo 310 'Entry Level' Flue Gas Analyser

Price £399.00

Testo 310 Flue Gas Analyser c/w Printer Kit

Price £499.00

Testo 316-1 Methane Gas Leak Detector

Price £169.00

Testo 317-2 Gas Leak Detector

Price £99.00

Testo 320B Advanced Kit

Price £730.00

Testo 320B Standard Kit

Price £589.00

Testo 327-1 Flue Gas Analyser (advanced kit)

Price £590.00

Testo 330i Flue Gas Analyser - Set 1

Price £1,289.00

Testo 417 Vane Anemometer

Price £279.00

Testo 480 Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter

Price £979.00

Testo 510i Differential Pressure Meter

Price £77.00