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List of products by brand T&R Test Equipment

T&R Test Equipment Ltd. is the UK's leading manufacturer of heavy current and high voltage electrical test equipment.

T&R's broad product range includes relay test equipment, primary current injection systems, micro-ohmmeters, DC cable test sets and AC flash testers. Cuthbertson Laird Group are authorised distributors of T&R Products. View our listing on the T&R UK distributors listing page here (opens in a new window).

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T&R 100ADM mk4 Current Injection System

Price £5,443.00

T&R ART3V Relay Test Set

Price £11,222.00

T&R DMO200 Digital Micro-Ohmmeter

Price £4,692.00

T&R DMO600 Pelicase Version

Price £5,506.00

T&R KV30-40D Mk2 High Voltage AC Test System

Price £8,142.00

T&R KV5-100 mk2 High Voltage AC Test System

Price £3,570.00

T&R PT18-10 mk2 DC Cable Test Systems

Price £7,300.00

T&R PT30-10 Mk2 High Voltage DC Cable Test System

Price £8,996.00

T&R Z-OVR Cable Impedance Test Set

Price £13,000.00