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Wohler VE 200
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Wohler VE 200 HD-Video Endoscope

wohler authorised distributor.

Includes: Wohler VE 200 HD-Video Endoscope with 1.2 m probe Ø 8.5 mm, 4x AA batteries, side tip mirror, magnet, hook tool, plastic case.

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The Wohler VE200 HD-Video Endoscope is ideal for the inspection of inaccessible cavities from 20 mm in diameter (e.g. roof insu-lation, exhaust pipes, sinks and fireplaces).

The VE 200 has a powerful wireless module that provides a stable wifi connection to iPhones, iPads, Android Smartphones and PCs. Photos are stored as .jpg. Videos are stored as .avi. files.

Transferring images to an Android Smartphone, iPhone or iPad

Search "VE 200 Wifi Endoscope" in the Google Play market or in the iTunes Store and install the app (or click on the icons below).

Switch on the Wöhler VE 200. Search "wifi endoscope" wifi connection name and connect your iPhone, iPad or Android device to it with default password 00000000. Run the application to see the video stream. The video of the VE-200 is displayed on your smartphone. Press the photo icon to save a photo as a jpg. The message "save succeed" will be displayed.


Snapshot and Video Functions
Direct forwarding of data – no further data transmission necessary
Image display via wireless at all
Compatible devices (such as net-books, Smartphone, tablet)
1.2 m gooseneck
Video Recording
Variable Light intensity of the flash-light for Illumination of cavities.
The VE 200 is not compatible with Windows Phone.


App on Google Play Store
APP store download

Video Endoscopy (Drain line)

Wöhler VE 200 Specifications
Signal Transmission
Network Standard IEEE 802.11 b/g/n.
Antenna Integrated IPEX Antenna.
Frequency 2.4 GHz.
Data transmission rate Up to 150 Mbit/s (wireless card with 802.11 a/b/g/n.
Camera head Ø 8.5 mm.
Image resolution 2.0 Megapixels.
Focus 60 to 100 mm.
Video resolution 800 x 600 pixel
1024 x 768 pixel
1280 x 720 pixel.
Angle of view 60°.
Probe length 1.2 m.
File Formats
Image jpg.
Video avi.
General Specifications
Light source 6 adjustable LEDs.
Additional light source 1 watt LED.
Power 4 AA batteries.
Encapsulation camera head IP67.
Working Temperature 0-45 °C.
Wöhler VE 200 warranty One-year.


Wohler VE-200 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Wohler VE 200 HD-Video Endoscope.

Download (110.01k)

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