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PulsarSafeEar Noise Warning System
  • PulsarSafeEar Noise Warning System
  • PulsarSafeEar Noise Warning System
  • PulsarSafeEar Noise Warning System

PulsarSafeEar Noise Warning System

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Monitoring workplace noise levels with PulsarSafeEar Noise Activated Warning System.

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NB. The default option is the 'Hearing Protection Must Be Worn' (Version 1). To purchase different versions please refer to the dropdown above.

PulsarSafeEar noise activated warning sign is perfect for use in factories, workshops, pubs and nightclubs to alert in real time when noise levels become too high and indicate when hearing protection must be worn.

In environments where the wearing of hearing protection may not be required at all times, the PulsarSafeEar noise activated warning sign will inform employees when Personal Protective Equipment is required and also when it can be safely removed.

The PulsarSafeEar can also be used in quiet locations such as classrooms/exam rooms, corridors, hospitals and libraries to indicate when noise levels must be kept down. By setting the PulsarSafeEar to trigger at a low level ensures that noise levels in quiet environments stay within acceptable levels.


Libraries - Most of us think of libraries as quiet environments, but more and more libraries are using technology to provide additional services to visitors. Cafes are often found in libraries along with other activities that may generate noise.

A PulsarSafeEar with the ‘SHHH! Quiet Zone’ (Version 4) warning can help to keep noise levels under control. This effective unit will light up when noise levels go over a pre-set level, which can be set at any value down to 40dB(A), and will inform visitors and staff that the noise is becoming too high.

Remote Units (also known as slave boards) can be added and placed in corridors or other high traffic areas to ensure the peace and quiet is maintained in essential areas.


Quick & simple to install on a wall.
Lights up and flashes a clear visual alert when a pre-set noise level is exceeded.
Trigger level set manually from 40dB(A) to 114dB(A).
Ideal for use in both noisy and quiet environments.
Adjustable, high intensity white LED technology for high visual impact.
4 standard designs to cover all applications.
Multi language variants available.
Weight 0.6kg (1.3lbs).
Data logging optional.

PulsarSafeEar Specifications:

  • Application Noise activated warning sign.
  • Trigger Level 40dB(A) to 114dB(A).
  • Suitable for both quiet & noisy environments.
  • Microphone PU112.
  • Frequency Weighting ‘ A’ Weighting to IEC 61672-1:2002.
  • Time Weighting Slow to IEC 61672-1:2002.
  • Visual Indication High intensity white LED with four standard designs.
  • User selectable brightness levels.
  • Display delay time None or 30 seconds.
  • External Power 2.1mm Power Jack, 12v DC via PUL200 Mains Power Supply.
  • Output Control for Remote Display Units via standard 2.1mm Power Connector.
  • Up to three Remote Display Units can be powered from a Master Unit.
  • Dimensions 12”diameter, 2”depth.
  • Weight 1.3lbs (0.6kg).
  • Mounting 2 x Keyhole mounting slots.
  • Data Logging USB Data Logger with 32,000 Samples of LAS.
  • (Slow ‘A’ Weighted Sound Level).
  • User Selectable 1 second (9 hours), 10 seconds (3.7 days), 1 minute (22 days) sampling.

Includes: PulsarSafeEar Master Unit PU200 Mains Power Supply & PU206 5m Power Extension Cable.



Pulsar SafeEar Datasheet

PDF specifications of the Pulsar SafeEar Noise Warning System.

Download (1.94M)

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