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Wohler L200 Locator Receiver
  • Wohler L200 Locator Receiver
  • Wohler L200 Locator Receiver
  • Wohler L200 Locator Receiver
  • Wohler L200 Locator Receiver

Wohler L200 Locator Receiver

wohler authorised distributor.

Includes: Wöhler L 200 Locator Receiver, plastic case, USB power supply with micro USB cable, grease crayon (12 pcs. box, yellow), telescopic rod and headphones.

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The Wohler L 200 Locator makes it possible to locate the Wohler VIS Video Inspection Camera heads VIS 200 / 250 / 300 / 350 / 400 / 700 wirelessly within a pipeline. Damaged or soiled sections of pipe are displayed and precisely located on a graphic display, making pipe and sewer inspection quick and efficient.

The Wohler VIS Ø 40 mm and Ø 26 mm camera heads are equipped with a transmitter coil that transmits signals at a frequency of 8.9 kHz. Three coils inside of each handgrip of the Locator measure magnetic fields. When the user holding the Locator approaches the camera head the measured magnetic field gets stronger.

A cursor in the display and an acoustic signal enable the user to locate the exact position of the camera head in the pipe.


Locates the radio signal transmitted by the camera head.
Bright colour display.
User guided via display throughout the locating process.
Telescopic pole.
Chalk holder.

Wohler L 200 Specifications
Power Source
Transmitter frequency 8.9 kHz and 9.2 kHz.
Output impedance 32 Ohm.
Depth up to which the
transmitter signal can be located.
3 m (10 ft) in a ground that is not too hard.
Power supply 3.7 V Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery.
Battery time 24 h.
Charging time 2.5 h.
Storage temperature -10°C to + 40°C (14 °F to 104 °F).
Operation temperature +0°C to 40°C (32 °F to 104 °F).
Degree of protection Waterproof to IP 40.
Dimensions 31 x 14 x 7 cm (12 x 5 x 2.75 in).
Weight 605 g (21 ounces).
Wohler L200 warranty One-year.


Wohler L200 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Wöhler L 200 Locator Receiver.

Download (105.84k)

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