Fluke 87V MAX
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  • Fluke 87V MAX Digital Multimeter
  • Fluke 87V MAX
  • Fluke 87V MAX

Fluke 87V MAX Digital Multimeter

Fluke authorised distributor and calibration house.

Includes: Holster, TL175 TwistGuard® test leads, alligator clips, 80BK-A temperature probe, three AA batteries (installed).

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The Fluke 87V MAX True-rms Digital Multimeter defines a new standard for operating in extreme conditions with the features and accuracy to troubleshoot most electrical problems.

The 87V MAX has an IP67 (waterproof and dustproof) rating, extended operating temperature range of -15 °C to +55 °C (5 °F to 131 °F, -40 °C for up to 20 minutes) and 95% humidity, and has been designed and tested to withstand a 4 m (13 ft) drop. The Fluke 87V MAX True rms Digital Multimeter is built to work in the toughest environments you might face.


True-rms ac voltage and current for accurate measurements on non-linear signals.
Measure up to 1000 V ac and dc.
Measure up to 10 A (20 A for 30 seconds).
Frequency to 200 kHz.
Built in thermometer conveniently allows you to take temperature readings without having to carry a separate instrument.
Min/Max/Average recording, plus 150 μs Peak min-max to capture variations automatically.
Unique function for accurate voltage and frequency measurements on variable frequency motor drives (VFDs).
Large display digits, 2-level bright white backlight and backlit keypad buttons for increased visibility.
Hi resolution 20,000 count display mode.
Withstands hazardous 8,000 volt spikes caused by load switching and faults on industrial circuits.
Safety rated CAT IV 600 V/CAT III 1000 V.
Long battery life (800 hours).

Fluke 87V MAX Specifications
Electrical Specifications
DC VoltageRange0.1 mV to 1000 V
Accuracy±(0.05% + 1)
Maximum resolution0.1 mV
AC VoltageRange0.1 mV to 1000 V
Accuracy±(0.7% + 4) true-rms
AC bandwidth20 kHz with low pass filter; 3 dB @ 1 kHz
Maximum resolution0.1 mV
DC CurrentRange0.1 μA to 10 A
(20 A for 30 seconds maximum)
Amps accuracy±(0.2% + 2)
Maximum resolution0.1 µA
AC CurrentRange0.1 μA to 10 A
(20 A for 30 seconds maximum)
Amps accuracy±(1.0% + 2) true-rms
Maximum resolution0.1 µA
ResistanceRange0.1 Ω to 50 MΩ
Accuracy±(0.2% + 1)
Maximum resolution0.1 Ω
CapacitanceRange0.01 nF to 9999 μF
Accuracy±(1% + 2)
Maximum resolution0.01 nF
FrequencyRange0.5 Hz to 199.99 kHz
Accuracy±(0.005% + 1)
Maximum resolution0.01 Hz
Duty cycleMaximum duty cycle99.9%
Accuracy±(0.2% per kHz + 0.1%)
Maximum resolution0.1%
Temperature measurement range–200.0 °C to 1090 °C
–328.0 °F to 1994.0 °F
excluding probe.
80 BK temperature probe–40.0 °C to 260 °C, ± 2.2 °C or 2% whichever is greater
–40.0 °F to 500 °F, ± 4.0 °F or 2% whichever is greater.
ConductanceMaximum conductance60.00 nS
Accuracy±(1.0% + 10)
Maximum resolution0.01 nS
Diode testRange2 V
Accuracy±(1% + 1)
Diagnostics and data storagePeak Min/Max250 μS.
Reading hold/Auto (Touch) HoldYes.
Relative referenceYes.
DisplayDigital6000 counts updates 4/second
19,999 counts in high–resolution mode.
Analog bar graph32 segments, updates 40/second.
BacklightTwo level.
Low pass filter (VFD measurements)Yes.
Input Alert™Yes.
Safety Specifications
Safety ratingIEC61010-1: Pollution Degree 2
IEC 61010-2-033: CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V.
Agency approvalsCE, CSA.
Mechanical and General Specifications
IP ratingIEC 60529: IP67.
PowerThree AA batteries. 800 hours typical, without backlight.
Size6.0 x 10.1 x 21.5 cm (with holster).
Weight698.5 g (with holster).
Fluke 87V MAX WarrantyLimited lifetime.
Environmental Specifications
Operating temperature-15 °C to 55 °C, to -40 °C for 20 minutes when taken from 20 °C.
Storage temperature-40 °C to + 60 °C.
Humidity (without condensation)0% – 90% (0 °C – 35 °C)
0% – 70% (35 °C – 55 °C).
Operating altitude2000 m.


Fluke 87V Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Fluke 87V MAX Digital Multimeter.

Download (1.12M)
Case DPI705E carry case. IO705E-CASE
Case (IS) DPI705E carry case (IS). IO705E-CASE-IS
Strap DPI705E Hanging Strap. IO705E-STRAP
PM700E Cable PM700E Remote Sensor Cable 2.9M. PM700E-CABLE
Adaptor Adaptor G1/8 Male to G1/4 Female. IO-ADAPT-G1/4
Adaptor Adaptor G1/8 Male to 1/4NPT Female. IO-ADAPT-1/4NPT
Adaptor Adaptor G1/8 Male to 1/8NPT Female. IO-ADAPT-1/8NPT
QF Adaptor G1/8M to Quick-fit Adaptor. IO-ADAPT-QF
Interface RTD Interface only - RS485. RTD-INTERFACE-485
Interface (IS) RTD IS Interface only - RS485. RTD-INTERFACE-IS
PT100 Probe RTD Interface with PT100 probe - RS485. RTD-PROBE-485
PT100 Probe (IS) RTD IS Interface with PT100 probe-RS485. RTD-PROBE-IS
M12 Connector Field Wireable M12 connector 4-pin. IO-RTD-M12CON
M12 Ext. Lead M12M to M12F 2m ext lead (6.5 ft) 4-wire. IO-RTD-M12EXT
RTD Probe RTD Probe 150mm, PT100 steel Class A. IO-RTD-PRB150
Hose Assembly 1m 20 bar Hose Assembly 1 metre. IOHOSE-NP1
Hose Assembly 2m 20 bar Hose Assembly 2 metre. IOHOSE-NP2
Hose Kit P1 Pneumatic Hose Kit-1 metre. IO620-HOSE-P1
Hose Kit P2 Pneumatic Hose Kit-2 metres. IO620-HOSE-P2
Hose Kit H1 Hydraulic Hose Kit-1 metre. IO620-HOSE-H1
Hose Kit H2 Hydraulic Hose Kit-2 metres. IO620-HOSE-H2
Hose Kit P1 (IS) Pneumatic Hose Kit-1 metre (IS). IO620-HOSE-P1-IS
Hose Kit P2 (IS) Pneumatic Hose Kit-2 metres (IS). IO620-HOSE-P2-IS
Hose Kit H1 (IS) Hydraulic Hose Kit-1 metre (IS). IO620-HOSE-H1-IS
Hose Kit H2 (IS) Hydraulic Hose Kit-2 metre (IS). IO620-HOSE-H2-IS
Adaptors BSP Pressure Adaptor Set - BSP. IO620-BSP
Adaptors NPT Pressure Adaptor Set - NPT. IO620-NPT

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