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Fluke P5514B
  • Fluke P5514B
  • Fluke P5514B
  • Fluke P5514B
  • Fluke P5514B

Fluke P5514B Hydraulic Pressure Comparator

Fluke authorised distributor and calibration house.

lead time Lead Time Approx. 14-21 Days.

Includes: 1x Pressure Comparator, 1x Spare Seals, 1x Safety Manual, 1x 1/4 BSP Adapter, 1x 1/2 BSP Adapter, 2x 1/4 NPT Adapter, 1x 1/2 NPT Adapter, 4x Pump Spindle Handle.

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The P5514B Hydraulic Pressure Comparator is a simple, robust and economical pressure test pump for calibrating gauges, switches and transducers with accurate, fine adjust capabilities. It generates pressure to 10 000 psi (70 MPa), with a new Vernier that enables cardinal point calibrations.

The P5514B can be mounted easily on a bench or used in mobile applications. Its robust design, with improved reservoir valve sealing, makes it a more stable pressure generator than previous versions of this model. These pressure calibrators provide the accuracy, reliability, and capability you need to calibrate dial gauges, digital test gauges and pressure transmitters.

The Fluke Calibration P5514B Pressure Comparator, when combined with the 2700G Reference Pressure Gauges, becomes an easy-to-use alternative to traditional deadweight testers that covers a wide range of workload. For convenience, the P5514B is bundled together with selected 2700G Reference Pressure Gauges for a complete bench top pressure calibration solution.

The test ports have been improved with a rotating collar design that make it a snap to connect devices under test (DUTs). Test port connections include adapters for common sizes of NPT and BSP. Connections are tool free, another improvement over the previous mode.

The standard system uses Viton O-ring seals and is for use with a wide range of fluids. Compatible fluids include, but are not limited to, mineral oils, water, and solvents. For compatibility with phosphate esters, a model with ethylene propylene seals is available.


P5514B-70M Hydraulic Comparison Test Pump, Viton Seals
Pressure range 0 to 10,000 psi (70 MPa).

P5514B-70M-EP Ethylene Propylene Seals
Pressure range 0 to 10,000 psi (70 MPa).


Easily Generate Pressure.
Vernier Fine Adjustment Control.
Tool Free Test Connectors.
Improved reservoir valve sealing.
Improved Test Port Connectors.
Use On The Bench Or In The Field.

Fluke Calibration P5514B Hydraulic Pressure Comparator
Pressure Range 0 to 10,000 psi (700 bar).
Test Port Adapters 1/4 NPT (qty 2), 1 each of 1/2 NPT, 1/4 BSP and 1/2 BSP.
Dimensions 11 x 11 x 10 in (280 x 280 x 254 mm).
Weight 11 lb (5 kg).
Reservoir Volume 75 cc.
Screw Press Displacement 20 cc.
Fluid media The standard O-ring seals are Viton®. Ethylene Propylene seals are available for use with solvents, fuel oils, brake fluids or other similar aggressive fluids.
P5514B-70M: Viton® Seals
P5514B-70M-EP: Ethylene Propylene Seals.
P5514B warranty 12-months.


Fluke P5514B Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the P5514B Hydraulic Pressure Comparator.

Download (1.17M)
Pointer/Punch Pointer Remover / Punch. This tool is designed to quickly remove and consistently refit the pointer of a pressure gauge. P5551
Seal Kit Replacement seal kit for the P5514B-70M. SK-P5514B-70M
Seal Kit Replacement seal kit for the P5514B-70M-EP. SK-P5514B-70M-EP