Megger Baker MTR105
  • Megger Baker MTR105
  • Megger Baker MTR105
  • Megger Baker MTR105
  • Megger Baker MTR105

Megger Baker MTR105 Rotating Machine Tester

Megger approved distributor and service centre.

Includes: MTR105, Hook strap assembly, Soft pouch, Grabber clip leadset, Test probe set, long reach CAT II, Kelvin clip leadset, Temperature probe, T type CAT III 600 V.

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The Megger Baker MTR105 is a dedicated Static Motor Tester with Megger’s tried and trusted suite of insulation resistance tests (IR), plus all the great traditional features and reliability of Megger’s testers. It is an OFF LINE motor tester that can be used on small to medium sized rotating machines, typically up to 500 hp.

The MTR105 takes the test abilities of Megger’s proven IR test instruments adding DLRO four wire Kelvin low resistance test, inductance and capacitance tests to provide a versatile motor tester, all packaged in a robust hand held instrument, which up to now has simply not been available.

Additionally the MTR105 incorporates temperature measurement and compensation (for IR tests), motor direction of rotation plus supply phase rotation tests.

The MTR105 is powered by six AA alkaline primary cells. As an optional accessory, rechargeable NiMH AA cells can be used with an external power supply and adaptor to charge the batteries whilst in the instrument. Lithium primary (not Lithium Ion) cells can also be used.


Full colour graphic display.
Rotary dial control and full graphic display - simple and easy to use.
3 Phase insulation resistance.
Temperature correction for insulation resistance.
Guard terminal to eliminate any surface leakage current.
DLRO four wire Kelvin.
Continuity and diode test.
Motor direction of rotation.
Capacitance and inductance.
CAT III 600 V up to 3000 m.
Environmental protection to IP54, including the battery and fuse compartments.
Stores test results for up to 256 motors, which can be downloaded to a USB drive.
Rechargeable batteries with mains charger kit option.

Megger Baker MTR105 Static Motor Tester Video

Megger Baker MTR105 Specifications
Insulation Resistance
AccuracyVolts Accuracy 50 V 10 GΩ ±2% ±2 digits ±4.0% per GΩ
100 V 20 GΩ ±2% ±2 digits ±2.0% per GΩ
250 V 50 GΩ ±2% ±2 digits ±0.8% per GΩ
500 V 100 GΩ ±2% ±2 digits ±0.4% per GΩ
1000 V 200 GΩ ±2% ±2 digits ±0.2% per GΩ
Operational Uncertainty: IEC61557-2.
Polarisation Index (PI)10 minute / 1 minute ratio.
Dielectric absorption ratio (DAR)User configurable 15 s or 30 s t1 start time with t2 fixed at 60 s.
Guard terminal performance<5% error at 500 kΩ parallel circuit resistance with 100 MΩ load.
Resolution0.1 kΩ.
Short circuit / charge current2 mA +0% -50% (IEC61557-2).
Terminal voltage accuracy-0% +2% ±2 V.
Test current1 mA at min. pass value of insulation to a max. of 2 mA max.
Operation range0.10 MΩ to 1.0 GΩ (IEC61557-2).
Leakage current display0.1 μA resolution 10% (±3 digits).
Voltage display±3% ±2 digits ±0.5% of rated voltage.
NOTE: Above specifications only apply when high quality silicone leads are being used - as supplied with the instrument.
Measurement0.01 Ω to 1 MΩ (0 to 1000 kΩ analogue scale).
Accuracy±3 % ±2 digits (0 to 99.9 Ω ) ±5% ± 2 digits (100 Ω - 500 kΩ).
Service errorIEC61557-4.
Test current200 mA (–0 mA +20 mA) (0.01 Ω - 4 Ω).
PolaritySingle polarity (Default) Dual polarity (configurable on setup).
Lead resistanceNull up to 9 Ω.
Range0.1 nF - 1 mF accuracy ±5.0% ±2 digits (1 nF - 10 μF).
Accuracy (1 nF - 10 μF):±5.0% ±2 digits.
Rangedc: 0 - 1000 Vac: 10 mV - 1000 V TRMS sinusoidal (15 Hz - 400 Hz).
Accuracydc: ±2% ±2 digits (0 - 1000 V)
ac: ±2% ±2 digits (10 mV - 1000 V TRMS)
Operational Uncertainty: IEC61557-1.
Frequency range15 - 400 Hz (0 - 1000 V).
Frequency resolution0.1 Hz.
Frequency accuracy±0.5% (±1 digit).
Diode test accuracy±2% ±2 digits 0.01 V to 3.00 V.
Display range0.00 V to 3.00 V.
Temperature Measurement & Compensation
ThermocoupleType T (Type K and Type J).
Thermocouple range-20 °C to 200 °C (-4 °F - 392 °F).
Instrument range-20 °C to 1000 °C (-4 °F - 1832 °F).
Instrument resolution0.1 °C (0.18 °F).
Instrument accuracy±1.0 °C ±20 digits (±1.8 °F).
Low Resistance
Test current200 mA dc.
Range1 mΩ to 10 Ω.
Resolution0.01 mΩ.
Accuracy±(0.25% rdg. ±10 digits).
Result Storage
Storage capacity256 motor results (date / time stamped).
Data downloadUSB Type A (USB Mass Storage Device).
Battery6 x AA cells
LR6 1.5 V Alkaline
FR6 1.5 V Lithium (LiFeS2)
HR6 1.2V NiMH (rechargeable option).
Battery life10 motors per day (complete suite of tests at 100 V into 100 MΩ)
IEC61557-2 - test cycle, 1200 insulation tests with duty cycle of 5 sec
testing on 25 sec standby @ 500 V into 0.5 MΩ
IEC61557-4 test cycle, 1200 continuity tests with duty cycle of 5 sec testing
on 25 sec standby on 1 Ω resistance.
Battery chargingMains battery charger kit or 12 - 15 V dc vehicle charger.
Safety protectionIEC61010 CAT III 600 V.
EMCIndustrial IEC61326.
Temperature coefficient<0.1% per °C up to 1 GΩ.
Operating temperature range-10 °C to 50 °C (14 °F to 122 °F).
Storage temperature range-25 °C to 50 °C (-13 °F to 122 °F).
Humidity90% RH at 40 °C (104 °F) max.
IP ratingIP 54.
DisplayFull LCD colour screen with user configurable back-light.
Dimensions228 x 105 x 75 mm (8.98 x 4.1 x 2.95 in).
Weight0.93 kg (2.05 lbs).
Fusex2 500 mA (FF) 1000 V 32 x 6 mm ceramic fuse, high break capacity HBC
Megger Baker MTR105 warrantyOne-year.


Megger MTR105 Datasheet

PDF specifications of the Megger Baker MTR105 Rotating Machine Tester.

Download (265.49k)
Charger Mains charger kit. 1007-464
Strap Hook strap assembly. 1012-068
Pouch Soft pouch. 1012-063
Probe Set Kelvin probe lead set CAT III 600 V. 1011-929
Probe Pins Kelvin probe pins (pack of 4). 1012-064
Clip Set Kelvin clip lead set CAT III 600 V. 1011-928
Grabber Lead Set Grabber clip lead set CAT III 100 V, CAT IV 600 V. 1012-069
Test Probes CAT IV Test probe set, long reach CAT IV 600 V. 1012-066
Test Probes CAT II Test probe set, long reach, CAT II 1000 V. 1012-065
Temp. Probe Temperature probe, T type CAT III 600 V. 1012-067
Fuses Fuse pack, spare (X5) 500mA FF 1 kV. 1000-355
SP5 SP5 remote probe accessory. 1007-157

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