Megger MFT1741 Multifunction Tester Kit

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A special kit containing the Megger MFT1721 Installation Tester and the award-winning Megger DCM305E Earth leakage Clamp.

Includes: Printed quick start guide, Full user guide on CD, Calibration certificate, Switched probe SP5, Neck strap - Megger embroidered, 3 Wire lead set with prods and clips, Mains plug test lead, AC battery charger, Large soft pouch with extra storage.

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Cuthbertson Laird Ireland are now offering a kit comprising of a multifunction installation tester, the top-of-the-range Megger MFT1741, plus the award-winning, earth leakage clamp from Megger, the DCM305E. The total list price is £1764. Buy today for only £1050 + VAT (€1177.00 approx.)

The Megger MFT1741 multifunction tester is an instrument designed for testing low voltage electrical installations and especially in locations that suffer from high electrical noise.

The MFT1741 offers all of the facilities needed to test electrical installations in line with the requirements of the IET Wiring Regulations, as well as valuable additional functionality such as the earth electrode resistance measurement.

As well as three-wire non-trip loop impedance testing, the MFT1741 offers two-wire testing, which is invaluable when tests must be carried out at locations where no neutral connection is available. High-current testing which delivers the fastest possible results for circuits that are not protected by an RCD or RCBO is also available.

New Loop Impedance testing technology

The MFT1741 includes a new non-trip loop testing technology that:

Prevents any influence the RCD may present to the total loop impedance value.
Faster non-trip loop testing down to 8 seconds.

This technique also allows testing of loop impedance through 10mA type AC and Type A RCDs.

Overlaying the new non-trip loop impedance measurement is the new Megger “Confidence meter”. As loop impedance values can be dramatically affected by circuit noise, the Confidence Meter displays the degree of confidence in the accuracy of the measured loop impedance. Using the digital ARC to indicate the analytical process, the measurement is continually monitored and adjusted when circuit noise is present, resulting in a dramatically improved and repeatable test result.


Enhanced non-trip loop impedance measurement technology.
“Confidence meter” measurement analysis (patent pending).
Full single and 3 phase compliant installation testing.
10 mA to 1 A single and 3 phase RCD testing.
Simple colour-coded test selection.
Ambidextrous operation.

MFT1741 Quick Feature Chart
Insulation ranges
100 V
250 V, 500 V
1000 V
Test voltage display
Adjustable buzzer threshold
Continuity and resistance ranges
200 mA test
15 mA test
Adjustable buzzer threshold
Loop testing
2 and 3 wire non-tripping L-PE 50 V ~ 280 V
2 wire Hi current L-N 50 V ~ 280 V
2 wire phase to phase L-L 50 V ~ 500 V
PSCC and PFC (20 kA max.)
Max. Zs display
R1 + R2 value
Touch voltage display on faulty earth
Earth electrode test
2 and 3 pole *
3 pole ART and Stakeless method *
RCD tests
1/2, 1, 5 x I and ramp RCD test
Auto RCD test
Type AC, A and S RCDs
Type B (pure DC) RCDs
Programmable RCD
3-phase RCD (no earth)
30, 100, 300 and 500 mA RCD
10 mA and 1000 mA RCD
Other features
Supply measurement
True RMS
Phase rotation
Hard moulded case
Confidence meter noise reduction
New hardware loop test platform
* requires optional accessory

Megger MFT1741 Specifications
Output voltage -0% +20% at rated load or less.
Voltage display ±3% ±3 digits ±0.5% of rated voltage.
Resolution: 0.1 A.
Internal current measurement: 0 to 220 A.
0.01 Ω ~ 99.9 Ω - ±2% ±2 digits
100 Ω ~ 99.9 kΩ - ±5% ±2 digits.
Open circuit voltage 5 V ±1 V.
Test current
(0 Ω ~ 2 Ω)
205 mA ±5 mA
15 mA ±5 mA
(user selectable).
Live to earth/neutral supply 48 V ~ 280 V (45 Hz ~ 65 Hz).
Live to live supply 48 V ~ 500 V (45 Hz ~ 65 Hz).
L-N/L-L tests ±5% ±5 digits.
L-E tests
0.1 Ω ~ 39.9 Ω: ±5% ±5 digits ± noise margin
40.0 Ω ~ 1000 Ω: ±10% ±5 digits.
Reference conditions apply
Supply up to 100 mA 48 V ~ 480 V (45 Hz ~ 65 Hz).
Supply up to 1 A 48 V ~ 280 V.
RCD type Type AC, A, S
Type B (pure dc).
No trip test (1/2xI) –10% ~ –0%.
Trip test
(1xI, 2xI and 5xI) +0% ~ +10%.
Power supply IEC LR6 type AA alkaline (6 cells - supplied)
or 1.2 V NiMH (rechargeable pack of 6 – supplied)
Mains charger for on-board re- charging (4 hours typical).
Data storage 1000 results.
EMC IEC61326 edition 2 location class B.
Operating temperature range -10 °C ~ +55 °C.
IP rating IP54.
Dimensions 220 mm H x 390 mm W x 285 mm D.
Weight 1 kg (with batteries, excluding case).
Megger MFT1741 warranty One year (upgradeable to 3 years FREE).


The Megger DCM305E is designed to check earth leakage currents; however the upper range enables TRMS AC current measurements of up to 100 A. TRMS meters can measure both pure, undistorted, sinusoidal AC waveforms and non-sinusoidal AC waveforms which can contain pulse trains, triangles, spikes and other ragged waves.

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Megger MFT1741 Multifunction Tester Kit

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