Chauvin EEBS Energy Efficiency Business Solution

Chauvin Arnoux authorised distributor and calibration house.

The EEBS kit contains everything you need in one box to make your facility more energy efficient.

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Whether you’re looking for a solution to improve the energy efficiency of your business, or looking to get into the business of measuring and improving energy efficiency for other organisations, the Chauvin Arnoux Energy Efficiency Business Solution is all you need.

With small businesses using 46% of total electricity out of hours (between 6pm and 8am), and 20% of a business' annual energy costs being wasted through the use of energy inefficient equipment, the EEBS contains a Chauvin PEL103 that will show exactly how much power is being used, where, by what, and at what times.

It also contains a Thermal Imaging Camera, the Chauvin DiaCam2 that will show heat energy losses within the fabric of buildings, and enable the scanning of pipe lagging, etc. Heat loss due to poor or missing pipe insulation may reduce the overall efficiency from source to end by up to 50%, with an additional 10 to 20% in flue losses.


Facility Managers – for their own facilities.
Business owners – for their Facility Managers once they realise the savings they can make.
Colleges / Universities – for use in improving energy efficiency on their own campus and use on educational courses.
Electrical Contractors – to expand the scope of their business to offer to perform energy efficiency surveys and potentially quote for remedial/repair work.
Energy Surveyors – there are now businesses established for the sole purpose of performing energy surveys for 3rd party organisations.
Hire Centres - this type of product is ideal for hire, as smaller businesses may not see a permanent need for the product after they have established where their losses are and fixed them.


Voltage up to 1,000 V.
Current up to 10,000 A.
Voltage ratio / current ratio up to 650,000 V / up to 25,000 A.
Power values from 10 W to 10 GW/Gvar/GVA.
Energy up to 4EWh / 4 EVAh / 4 Evarh.
Phase: cos φ, tan Φ, PF.
Harmonics up to the 50th order.
Communication: Bluetooth (Class 2), Ethernet, USB.


Exceptional 13-hour battery life.
Quick startup in under 3 seconds.
Focus-free with 20° x 20° field of view.
Emissivity table which can be enhanced as required.
Possibility of renaming the images and thermograms by site.
Recording and storage of the configurations according to the different applications (building, electrical cabinet, etc.).
Vocal annotations to record your comments directly on the image.
Connection to current clamps and multimeters: all the necessary measurements simultaneously.


Configuration of instruments connected to a PC or via Bluetooth.
Recovery of the measurement data stored in the instrument.
Backup of measurement files.
Opening of backup files.
Processing and creation of reports.
Export into Excel spreadsheets.
Export in .pdf format.
Database management.

For full Chauvin PEL103 specifications and datasheet click here

For full Chauvin C.A 1950 DiaCAm2 specifications and datasheet click here

Includes: Chauvin PEL103, Power Adaptor, Diacam2, DataView Software.

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Chauvin EEBS Energy Efficiency Business Solution

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