T&R DVS3 Mk2 Relay Test System Pelicase Version

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The T&R DVS3 mk2 is ideally suited to testing G59 protection, including loss of mains protection. Vector surge and df/dt (ROCOF) relays may be simply tested and timed, as can other protection requiring one to three voltages.

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The T&R DVS3 mk2 is the new smaller, lighter, higher power version of the T&R DVS3, offering more than twice the output power of the original. The exceptionally easy to understand user interface of the DVS3 is retained, allowing simple testing of complex voltage and loss of mains protection systems.

Equally at home in a commissioning, maintenance, or laboratory environment, the T&R DVS3 mk2 is a truly flexible system. The DVS3 mk2 has been designed using the latest digital technology to generate a highly stable and accurate output with very low distortion. Each phase output is individually adjustable for voltage and phase angle.

The DVS3 is suited to testing G59 protection, including loss of mains protection. Along with vector surge and dt/df relays, the DVS3 is also ideal for testing the following:

Under and over frequency relays.
Under and over voltage relays.
Synchronising relays.
dt / df & ROCOF relays.

If used with an additional current source, such as the T & R 200ADM or 50A-3PH, the DVS3 mk2 can be used to test protection that requires current injection with a phase-shiftable voltage including: Directional relays, Distance protection, Phase angle relays, Power relays, Power transducers.


In this mode, the frequency and phase outputs are controlled by an external reference. This reference can either be the mains supply to the DVS3, external voltage or external current. When used with an external current source, this mode will allow the testing or directional and distance problems. Phase lock range 45-65Hz, External voltage ref. 20-250V AC,
External current ref. 0.2-5A AC, Phase resolution 0.1º, Phase accuracy ±0.3º phase to phase, plusmn;3.0º reference to output.

T&R DVS3 Mk2 Specifications:

  • 3-Φ Voltage output from 1-Φ supply
  • 0-133V Φ-N output voltage, 0-266V or 0-292V Φ-N with optional VT box.
  • 45VA/phase maximum output
  • Variable Frequency 40-999.9Hz
  • Phase shift ±180.0°
  • Multi-function timing system
  • Ideally suited to testing G59 schemes.
  • Supply Requirements: 115V/230V±10% auto-selecting, 45-65Hz 1ph 425VA max.
  • Protection and Safety: CE/BS EN61010.
  • Dimensions: 560 x 456 x 265mm.
  • Weight: 13kgs.
  • T&R DVS3 Warranty: One year.

Includes: DVS-T286, Output lead set, Lead set case, Mains lead, Spare fuse set and T&R DVS3 Operating manual.

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T&R DVS3 Mk2 Relay Test System Pelicase Version

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