Megger MFT1731 On-Site

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Using the MFT1731 On-Site package means that you can perform all of the tests required by the regulations and complete test certificates electronically.

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Shipped as standard in a large soft carrying case, the Megger MFT1731 builds on the capabilities of the MFT1721 by adding support for three-pole ART earth resistance measurements, with a clamp option, and stakeless twin-clamp earth resistance measurements. This model also has internal storage for test results with wireless downloading to smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth-equipped devices.

Using the MFT1731 On-Site package means that you can perform all of the tests required by the regulations and complete test certificates electronically. Certificates can be created and completed on a laptop or PC. PowerSuite® works on a wide range of platforms including all Windows operating systems up to and including Windows 7.

Once completed it is a simple step to issuing the certificate and invoice for the work to improve efficiency, raise productivity, speed up cash flow and eliminate errors that result from the transfer of handwritten results into the final test certificate.

All of the multifunction installation testers in Megger’s new range incorporate the qualities that have made the previous MFT1700-series instruments so popular and successful. These include a straightforward user interface for fast easy operation, robust construction to withstand the knocks and tumbles of everyday use, comprehensive electrical protection, and an extensive range of safety features, including a CAT IV 300 V/CAT III 600 V safety rating in line with IEC 61010.


three – phase installation tester.
2 and 3-wire non-trip loop impedance testing.
Fast 2-wire high current loop test including phase to phase testing ability.megger mft 1731 test settings
ZMAX facility.
Full range of RCD tests from 10 mA to 1000 mA.
Selective, variable type B and 3-phase RCD (no neutral) testing.
Auto RCD and ramp.
Insulation testing at 1 kV, 500 V, 250 V and 100 V.
Continuity and low Ωs at 200 and 15 mA.
Adjustable buzzer threshold.
True RMS voltage measurement and phase rotation.
Stake-less, ART and 3-wire earth electrode testing.
Includes earth electrode testing lead set.
Supplied in a large soft carry case.

The MFT1731 On-Site can be used in a variety of ways:

Directly from the tester.
Results can be stored on the tester for later download to a PC.
Multiple users can complete parts of a larger installation at the same time and test results combined into a single complete certificate at the end of testing.
Multiple users can complete the same certificate at different times using different testers.
Completing a test certificate could not be easier. Simply take a measurement with the MFT1731, then either store the result for download later to a PC, or output the result directly, there on-site, using Bluetooth technology. Following full testing on a system, all results held on the tester can be downloaded into PowerSuite® and a certificate generated.

Using the MFT1731 On-Site package means that you can perform all of the tests required by the regulations and complete test certificates electronically.

Megger MFT1731 Specification:

  • Insulation resistance test voltages: 100, 250, 500V, 1000V.
  • Test voltage display.
  • Adjustable buzzer threshold.
  • Continuity Test Current: 15 and 200 mA.
  • 2 and 3 wire non-tripping L-PE loop test.
  • 2 wire Hi current L-N 50 V - 280 V loop test.
  • 2 wire phase to phase L-L (50 V ~ 500 V).
  • PSCC and PFC (20 kA max.).
  • Max. Zs display.
  • R1 + R2 value.
  • RCD Test: 1/2, 1, 5 x I and ramp.
  • Auto RCD test.
  • Type AC, A and S RCDs.
  • Type B (pure DC) RCDs.
  • 3-phase RCD (no earth).
  • Programmable RCD.
  • 10, 30, 100, 300, 500 and 1000 mA RCD.
  • Power: IEC LR6 type AA alkaline (6 cells - supplied).
  • CAT IV 300 V / CATIII 600 V.
  • Weatherproof to IP54.
  • Dimensions (with case): 150 mm H x 85 mm W x 235 mm D.
  • Weight (with case): 1 kg.
  • Megger MFT1731 Warranty: 1 year extendable to 3 years.

Includes: MFT 1731, SP5 Switched probe, full user guide on CD, Calibration certificate, Neck strap - Megger embroidered, 3 Wire lead set with prods and clips, Mains plug test lead, batteries and calibration cert.

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Megger MFT1731 On-Site

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