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T&R HV Workshop - Belfast 23.10.2019
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T&R HV Workshop - Belfast 23.10.2019

T&R High Voltage Hands-on workshop – 23rd October 2019

Location – Belfast, Northern Ireland

Cuthbertson Laird Group in conjunction with T & R Test invites you to a NEW T&R HV Hands-on workshop, ideal for High Voltage Engineers. The free of charge workshop will be split into 2 sessions, AM and PM; you can choose to go to either session or both.

  • AM Session: Principles of Secondary Current Injection & Low Ohm Testing Workshop
  • PM Session: Launch of the new ART System and its relevance to G59-G99 testing

Main topics will include:

  • Ease of data manipulation
  • Extra features to make life easier
  • Size and weight can matter
  • Principles and common issues of secondary current Injection Testing
  • Principles of low ohm testing and common issues when using a micro ohm meter
  • Applications

We expect there to be a large demand for this workshop and places are limited so just send an email to belfast@cuthbertsonlaird.co.uk to reserve your place.


  • The workshop you wish to attend, you can attend the AM, PM or both sessions
  • Full name(s)
  • Company name
  • Contact phone number and email address

We normally only accept 2 people per company but we will try to be flexible where possible if you need more spaces
Where and when are the Workshops?
We will be hosting the workshop in the Hilton Hotel in Templepatrick on 23rd October 2019.

Morning Session 0915 until 1300

200ADM-P Current Injection System – We will look at its flexibility when testing relays and the range of testing this unit can carry out. You will see the tester in action... with a relay to ‘play’ with, as well as CT’s to measure.

The range of relays and how they differ
What do you need from a secondary test set
The difference between a secondary test set and a relay test set
Why it is important to capture the wave form
The waveforms effect upon results
CT mag curve tests using your current injection set
CT ratio measurement Data storage made easy
Comprehensive hands-on session with relay and CT testing

DMO 200 High Current Micro-Ohmmeter - We look at how best to utilise the colour display and how these testers can assist with testing in a factory production line environment.

Covering the principles of measurement for a low ohm meter
Common measurement errors and how to avoid them
Data capture, How T&R does it?
Ease of data manipulation
Hands-on practical sessions.

Afternoon Session 13-30 until 15-30

The New ART3v Launch – We will explore the new ART3v unit and explore its capabilities in respect of the g59 regulations as well as looking at the ART family and where we are heading with the product family.

Ideal for G59 and G83 Tests.
Overview of the new G59 requirement.
How does the ART meet these requirements?
First of the new ART family.
Automated and downloadable.
Simple results storage and retrieval.
Compact and light.

View the event on the T&R website here (opens in a new window):


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