Megger releases the fourth generation of battery discharge tester

Megger releases the fourth generation of battery discharge tester

The TORKEL 900 is Megger’s latest battery discharge tester, which gives the most comprehensive results when testing battery capacity.

The TORKEL 900 range currently includes two models, the TORKEL 930, which can operate with discharge currents up to 220 A, and the TORKEL 910, which has a maximum discharge current rating of 110 A. For applications where higher discharge currents are needed, the test sets can be used in conjunction with Megger’s TXL additional load units.

As well as having a higher discharge current capability than the TORKEL 910, the TORKEL 930 offers additional functionality. This includes support for monitoring individual cell voltages using Megger BVM cell monitors. Up to 120 of these can be daisy-chained for easy connection, and the TORKEL 930 can handle two BVM systems, allowing 240 cells to be monitored simultaneously. The TORKEL 930 also supports charging current monitoring and provides comprehensive report generating facilities.

In addition to the TXL load units and BVM cell monitors, other accessories available for use with TORKEL 900 series test sets include test leads, sensing leads and clamp-on ammeters with maximum readings of 200 A and 1,000 A, which can be used for measuring the current in the circuit outside the test set.

The TORKEL concept was released in the 80’s as the first portable battery discharge tester that had automated resistance regulation to be able to keep constant current. The TORKEL 900 series is the 4th generation product and with that a new way to regulate the discharge current is introduced, with the benefit of a world leading dynamic power/voltage range. Furthermore, the new design has  enhanced safety features including spark free connection and emergency safety fuse.

Stationary back-up batteries are present in substations but also many other areas. TORKEL™ 900 series is used to perform load tests or discharge tests which is the only way to determine a battery systems actual capacity. Tests can be conducted at constant current, constant power, constant resistance or in accordance with a pre-selected load profile. Together with the cell voltage logger, BVM, now connected directly to the TORKEL 900, it becomes a complete stand-alone discharge test system.

The TORKEL is connected to the battery, the discharge current and the alarm levels (voltage, capacity, time) are set. After starting the discharge TORKEL keeps the current constant at the preset level. When the voltage drops to a level slightly above the final voltage, TORKEL issues an alarm. If the voltage drops so low that there is a risk for deep discharging the battery, TORKEL shuts down the test. All values are stored in TORKEL and can easily be transferred via an USB-stick to a PC for evaluation.

Testing can be carried out without disconnecting the battery from the equipment it serves. Via a DC clamp-on ammeter, TORKEL measures total battery current while regulating it at a constant level. Furthermore, the high discharge capacity of TORKEL gives the opportunity to shorten the test time. Discharging can take place at up to 220 A, and if higher current is needed, two or more TORKEL units or extra load units, TXL, can be linked together.

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