Fluke 1660 Series Installation Testers Now Available

Fluke 1660 Series Installation Testers Now Available

The new Fluke 1660 Series Installation Testers are the only installation testers that help prevent damage to connected appliances and also allow users to send test results wirelessly via smartphone directly from the field. The 1660 Series put more power in user’s hands by:

Quickly and efficiently testing to all local regulations.
Protecting appliances that may be inadvertently connected to the system under test.
Making it easy to share test results over your smartphone.
Performing 8 key tests with one button press, reducing test time up to 40%.

fluke 1660 series mains leadWhat makes the Fluke 1660 Series different and better?

Insulation PreTest - Protect the installation. Avoid costly mistakes.

The Fluke 1664 FC Installation Tester is the only installation tester with "Insulation PreTest," which warns you from making potentially serious and costly mistakes. If the tester detects that an appliance is connected to the system under test, it will stop the insulation test and provide a visual warning. This helps eliminate accidental damage to peripheral equipment and keeps your customers happy.

Fluke Connect®, ShareLive™ Calling and FlukeCloud™ Storage - ShareLive™ Video Calls.

Stay on the same page even when you and your team are in different places, only with ShareLive™ video call. Fluke Connect® compatibility allows your 1664 FC Installation Tester to send test results to your smartphone so you can connect and collaborate with others. It’s the fastest way to let your team see what you see, helping you get approvals without leaving the field.

FlukeCloud™ Storage - Retrieve stored results from anywhere

FlukeCloud storage allows you to retrieve stored results whether you are in the office or in the field to make decisions in real-time. Plus you can import the data into data management software (DMS) to process and generate certificates.

Faster, easier testing with Auto Test

Auto Test does all required installation tests in one sequence, ensuring compliance with local installation regulations. It reduces the number of manual connections, decreases the possibility of making errors and reduces test time up to 40% from previous Fluke models.

Insulation PreTest, Fluke Connect compatibility and Auto Test are the three standout capabilities of this new family of testers. Insulation PreTest keeps the user from making expensive mistakes. ShareLive™ Calling allows communication of test results while the user is in the field. FlukeCloud storage records results without mistakes. Auto Test makes installation testing faster and reduces errors.


Fluke 1664 FC

The Fluke 1664 FC is the only installation tester that helps prevent damage to connected appliances, and allows users to wirelessly share results from the field.

Fluke 1663

This instrument is ideal for professional users – high-end functionality, advanced measurement capability, yet it is still easy to use. Operation is intuitive and easily mastered by all levels of field workers.

Fluke 1662

A solid, basic installation tester. The Fluke 1662 gives you Fluke reliability, simple operation and all the testing power you need for basic installation testing.

fluke 1660 series instrument features

View the Fluke 1660 Series brochure here (1.6mb)

View the Fluke 1660 series datasheet here

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